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Tommy's Waffle Club

Interview with Tom Rolfe (Tommy’s Waffle Club)

By supporting The Wardrobe Theatre you are helping us support artists and theatre-makers in Bristol, people like comedian and compere, Tom Rolfe…

“I was always too scared to perform at a conventional open mic show, so I did what any sane person would do and started my own comedy night instead! Tommy’s Waffle Club as an open mic PowerPoint party: a friendly comedy night for awkward milquetoasts like me to share their silliest ideas with the world via the medium of over-the-top slideshows. We have a rotating roster of volunteers who present slides that are equal parts weird, wonderful, and WTF.

I’m fortunate to have access to a space like The Wardrobe Theatre that doesn’t just grant freedom to experiment with scrappy, unrehearsed bullshit, it actively encourages it. It’s still surreal to see weird community-driven shows like Tommy’s Waffle Club sitting alongside big name comedians and full-on theatre, but that’s all part of The Wardrobe Theatre’s unique DNA. I try to pay that trust forward by encouraging people with no performance background to get involved with the show. There’s nothing better than seeing a nervous newbie bring the house down with a well-timed punchline, and that first taste is rarely the last.

Tommy’s Waffle Club tackles a new theme each show and I’m always looking for new performers. If you think you have a passion for PowerPoint and feel inspired by upcoming topics Magic & Mysteries (Sunday 2nd June) or Guilty Pleasures (Sunday 9th September), let me know!”

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