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An original alternative comedy by The Wardrobe Theatre

Forced into early retirement after her over-exuberance in the field of duty, Detective White is reluctantly brought back to the police department to help with one last case. But with a madman on the loose and the body count creeping towards the fourth prime number, can Detective White conquer her demons and solve this dark riddle in time to catch the serial killer?

Following hot on the heels of last year’s sell-out success Oedipuss In Boots, The Wardrobe Theatre has once again conspired to bring you a darkly comic, adult only, anti-Christmas pantomime to serve as an antidote to the season’s usual sickly-sweet entertainment. Se7en Dwarfs is a daring, satanic merging of the classic family fairy tale Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs and David Fincher’s cult 1995 horror/thriller Se7en which featured murders inspired by the seven deadly sins.

“An exceptionally funny show that generates all the informality and chaos expected of a panto-esque production whilst also refreshing it.”
Theatre Bristol

“The creativity of the production is brilliantly fun and utterly surprising.”
Ephemeral Digest

“This quirky, laugh-out-loud three-hander will leave you wanting more and it might even put you off traditional pantos for good.”
Bristol Culture

“The constant laughter from start to finish is though a testament to the concept which is executed perfectly.”
Simple Lampoon

An original production by The Wardrobe Theatre, written and devised by the company
– Anna Girvan
Cast – Adam Blake, Emma Keaveney-Roys, Vincent Martin
Producer – Matthew Whittle
Designer – Harriet De Winton
Sound Design – Chris Collier
Music & Lyrics – Verity Standen
Technical Support – Charlie Smalley

  • Dates: Christmas 2013
  • Suitable for: Ages 16+
  • TheatreComedyChristmas
  • Connect with the artist:

  • Suitable for: Ages 16+
  • Connect with the artist: