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A devilishly funny and brilliantly bizarre tragicomedy from The Wardrobe Theatre

As lightning cracks at the summit of Mount Olympus, the royal kitten Oedipuss is cursed with the prophecy of killing his father and marrying his mother. Outcast, this brave puss must go on an incredible adventure of self discovery, encountering crooks and charlatans, terrifying monsters and outrageous villains as Oedipuss tries to unlock the complex question of his destiny. But as he soon discovers, escaping your fate isn’t easy when you’ve got the King’s blood on your paws…

Fast, smart and devilishly funny, Oedipuss In Boots puts the romp in anthropomorphism. An original dark comedy from The Wardrobe Theatre (makers of Reservoir Mogs, The Rocky Shock, Goldilock, Stock & Three Smoking Bears, Nachos, Kirk Vs Ming and Muppits Die Hard) jam-packed with big laughs, puppetry, dance routines, musical numbers and unforgettable drama. Oedipuss In Boots is the ultimate mother-loving Greek tragedy!

“Be prepared for your sides to ache for days afterwards.”
★★★★★ Bristol Post

“Yet another cracker from The Wardrobe Theatre.”
★★★★★ The Fix

“Genuine tragedy, but one which leaves the audience in hysterics… A triumph.”
★★★★ Stage Talk Magazine

An original production, written and devised by the company
Director – Chris Collier
Cast – Adam Blake, Harry Humberstone, Andrew Kingston, Jannah Warlow
Originally Devised By – Chris Collier, Harry Humberstone, James Kent, Andrew Kingston, Matthew Whittle
Music & Lyrics – Kid Carpet
Designer – Madeleine Girling
Lighting Design – Edmund McKay
Associate Designer – Ruby Spencer Pugh
Assistant Director – Megan Vaughan-Thomas
Costume Supervisor – Catherine Pilsworth
Puppet Maker – Dik Downey
Originally Designed By – Harriet De Winton
Produced by The Wardrobe Theatre
Special Thanks to Lizzie French, Georgie Shire, Sam Chafer, Phil Collier, Steph Kempson, Jason King, Natalie Wilcock, co-parents Jean and Debbie

Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol: 2-14 July 2019
The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol:
22 November 2018 – 20 January 2019
Smoking Puppet Cabaret, Shambala Festival: 25 August 2013
The Bike Shed Theatre, Bristol: 19-21 December 2013
The Canteen, Bristol: 17 December 2013
Upstairs at Three & Ten, Brighton: 7-13 December 2013
The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol: 10-23 December 2012

  • Dates: Christmas 2012 & 2018
  • Suitable for: Ages 16+
  • TheatreComedyChristmas
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  • Suitable for: Ages 16+
  • Connect with the artist: