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Bad Vs Evil’s exciting, subversive, sci-fi-drag-comedy, with laser beams, ill-fitting costumes and false eyelashes – made in association with The Wardrobe Theatre

On the outer reaches of known space, the evil emperor Ming (Harry Humberstone) is hatching an Evil Plan. Intergalactic domination has afforded Ming planets, galaxies, a limitless harem of love slaves and a seamlessly unending dominion. But is he happy? No. His next arbitrary obsession? He wants to destroy The World.

One man stands in the way of Ming and his ring of power: Captain James T. Kirk (Andrew Kingston) and his Drag Queen lieutenant, Mrs Dennis (local drag artist, RED), who, as a woman in a 1960’s sci-fi, is habitually ignored. But if Kirk can actually stop and listen to Mrs Dennis for one minute, they might just be able to save The World, from Ming’s last evil attempt at happiness.

Bad Vs Evil is Andrew Kingston and Harry Humberstone, who have previously made Vet. Detective. and several hits with The Wardrobe Theatre, including Oedipuss in Boots, Muppits Die Hard and Goldilock, Stock & Three Smoking Bears. Kirk Vs Ming was originally made as Wardrobe Theatre production.

“Drag-tacular sci-fi triumph.”
★★★★★ The Fix

“The award for the most memorable moment of theatre this year must be reserved for the play’s finale, which is fabulously disturbing.”
★★★★★ Intermission Bristol

The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol: 2-17 September 2022
Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol: 5 December 2019 – 5 January 2020
The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol: 13-17 June 2017

  • Dates: Touring 2017-2022
  • Suitable for: Ages 16+
  • TheatreComedy
  • Connect with the artist:

  • Suitable for: Ages 16+
  • Connect with the artist: