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Celebrate 125 years of Bram Stoker’s Dracula with this fast, smart and devilishly funny comedy, from The Wardrobe Theatre

Under the milky glow of the full moon and through the twisted limbs of the Transylvanian woods, strange blood-chilling noises can be heard coming from inside Count Drac’s castle. Far away, within the crumbling walls of a remote hilltop monastery, Sister Frances has dedicated her life to chastity and fetching pails of water. But when a young virgin is bitten, two worlds come tumbling down and it falls to an unlikely hero to uncover the truth and save the necks victim!

Drac & Jill is a fast, smart and devilishly funny comedy from The Wardrobe Theatre, makers of MDH: Puppets Do A Movie, Little Women In Black, Oedipuss In Boots, Reservoir Mogs, Rocky Shock Horror, Goldilock, Stock & Three Smoking Bears and more. Directed by Tom Brennan (The Wardrobe Ensemble), don’t miss this adult comedy mash-up with big belly laughs, original music, unforgettable drama and high stakes action!

★★★★ The Observer

“A rich pop-culture tapestry, stitched together with a fluent cinematic vernacular, comic virtuosity and technical finesse.”
★★★★ The Stage

“There have been many special nights in this most intimate of acting spaces, but director Tom Brennan’s Drac & Jill must rate as one of the best of them – a tour-de-force delivered at a pace beyond the dials – the laughs just keep coming as the bodily fluids keep pumping!”
★★★★★ StageTalk Magazine

“The funniest, crudest, most heart-warming theatre… Do not miss this!”
★★★★★ The Fix

An original production by The Wardrobe Theatre, written and devised by the company
Director – Tom Brennan
Cast – Corrina Buchan, Caitlin Campbell, Tom Fletcher, Alice Lamb
Composer & Sound Designer – Jack Drewry
Designer – Ruby Spencer Pugh
Dramaturg & Producer – Matthew Whittle
Assistant Director – Julia Head
Lighting Design – Chris Collier
2022 Costume Supervisor – Hettie Kitson
Costume Supervisor – Catherine Pilsworth
Movement Director – Lucy Bishop
2022 Co-Producer – Cherie Demmery
Co-Producer – Bebhinn Cronin
Technical Consultants – Wim Penhaul & Gwen Hales
2022 Stage Manager – Niamh Percy
2022 Co-Stage Manager
– Tom Pitchers
Stage Manager
– Harvey Williams
Set Illustrator – Dimi Shoe
Costume Assistant – Patti Amat
Costumes Hired From – Bristol Old Vic Theatre School
Drac & Jill was made with the kind support of Arts Council England

The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol: 6-31 July 2022
The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol:
21 November 2019 – 19 January 2020

  • Dates: Christmas 2019 & Summer 2022
  • Suitable for: Ages 16+ (contains nudity, blood, violence, sexual references, loud bangs, strobe effects and swearing)
  • TheatreComedyChristmas
  • Connect with the artist:

Drac & Jill
Drac & Jill
  • Suitable for: Ages 16+ (contains nudity, blood, violence, sexual references, loud bangs, strobe effects and swearing)
  • Connect with the artist: