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26 hours non-stop, over 30 performers, 1 truly epic live improvised play! Presented by Closer Each Day Company is association with The Bristol Improv Theatre and The Wardrobe Theatre

Now in its sixth year, Closer Each Day Company in association with Bristol Improv Theatre and The Wardrobe Theatre presents Bristol Improv Marathon! For a staggering 26 hours a team of intrepid performers will create an entirely improvised, entirely unscripted play using nothing but their skill, imagination and a hefty dose of caffeine. The show brings together performers from all across the city and includes stars of hit shows such as Closer Each Day and Murder, She Didn’t Write by Degrees of Error!

It is the age of empires and emperors, and the western world revolves and converges on one thriving metropolis: Rome. The Forum hums with the plots and machinations of power-hungry Senators and their hand-wringing advisors, while the marketplace buzzes and jostles with wealthy merchants and struggling farmers. To the East, the still-warm sand of the Colosseum is splattered with the blood of heroic gladiators, as the jeers and cries of the masses echo from pillar to pit. The city streets are a medley of shrines and gutters, Roman legionnaires on leave spilling out of every taverna, while aspiring poets sing their songs for pennies on every corner. Meanwhile on the Palatine Hill, the lofty vestal virgins perform their sacred rites to protect the city walls. Home to plebeians, politicians, scholars and soldiers, Rome is the original toga party – and everyone’s invited.

“An impressive display of the actors sheer stamina and creativity. It was extremely entertaining to watch.”
Stage Talk Magazine

“Carrying the flag of improvised theatre with talent and verve.”
Bristol Theatre Review

When In Rome – Bristol Improv Theatre: 13-14 March 2020
Channel 26 (Hours) – Bristol Improv Theatre:
15-16 March 2019
Pirates of The Severn Seas – Bristol Improv Theatre:
16-17 March 2018
Check Out Time At The Grand Hotel – Bristol Improv Theatre: 24-25 March 2017
Ride On Time – Bristol Improv Theatre: 11-12 March 2016
Time Busters – Bristol Improv Theatre: 13-14 March 2015

  • Dates: Annually in March, 2015-2020
  • Suitable for: Ages 14+
  • TheatreComedy
  • Connect with the artist:

  • Suitable for: Ages 14+
  • Connect with the artist: