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Interview with director/writer, Stephanie Kempson

By supporting The Wardrobe Theatre you are helping us support artists and theatre-makers in Bristol, such as director/writer, Stephanie Kempson…

I’m really excited to direct The Wardrobe Theatre Christmas show! I’ve seen most of the productions and love the ridiculous humour of them and their loyal audience. The Good, The Bad & The Coyote Ugly is going to combine some of my favourite things: badass female outlaws, dancing on bars, drag kings, classic western tropes like high noon duels, and songs. We’ve got the brilliant Ben Osborn composing the music which will be inspired by Ennio Morricone and LeAnn Rimes, natural bedfellows I think? We have already done a research week and, with the help of some of our Christmas teams past, we’ve developed the style and plot, as well as some off-the-wall jokes! I am very much looking forward to starting rehearsals in October.