Parlour Games

A right royal romp through British history, exploring politics, passion and parlour games; a cross-dressing comedy for all those with a taste for Victoria's Sponge and who enjoy playing with their Prince Albert from Sharp Teeth Theatre and The Wardrobe Theatre

11th Jul 2018
Ages 12+ | Summer 2018, Autumn UK Tour 2018

It’s 1848 and Europe is revolting. As foreign royals topple at an alarming rate, how long will it be before the whispers of revolution reach the proud shores of old Blighty? With an isolated, postnatal Queen intent on playing solitaire, can the future of the British monarchy be saved before those dastardly working-classes start uprising or will it all end in a real-life wink murder? Expect clowning, cream cakes and jokes about history in this gender-bending new show which asks why Britain refuses to play by continental rules.

Featuring Gaulier-trained clown Lucy Harrington (Wake Up & Deirdrealize, Nincompoop) as Prince Albert and 6ft 3″ Peter Baker (Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera, Murder She Didn’t Write) as the pocket-sized monarch herself. A co-production by The Wardrobe Theatre (Reservoir Mogs, Rocky Shock Horror, Goldilock, Stock & Three Smoking Bears) and Sharp Teeth Theatre (The Fox & The Child).

“Truly hilarious, shocking belly laughs out of the audience.”
Exeunt Magazine

“Ridiculous, clever, and very very funny, but with real poignancy… There’s sharp resonance with democracy’s continuing struggle against the wealthy and privileged.”
Crysse Morrison

“A comic delight… Great performances, political analogies and an epic game of royal wits.”
The Reviews Hub

Illustration by Roland Goddard
Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

An original co-production between Sharp Teeth Theatre and The Wardrobe Theatre, written and devised by the company
– Steph Kempson & Andy Kelly
– Peter Baker, Lucy Harrington, Andy Kelly
– Matthew Whittle
Musical Director
– Andy Kelly
Lighting Designer
– Chris Collier
Additional Sound Design
– Jack Drewry
– Steph Kempson & Matthew Whittle

12-13 October 2018: The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham
5-6 October 2018: Theatre Shop, Clevedon
3-4 October 2018: Rondo, Bath
28 September 2018: East Harptree Village Hall, Bristol
26-27 September 2018: The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol
22 September 2018: The Pound, Corsham
11-14 July 2018: The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol

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