WORKSHOP: Take Ownership with Alice Rose

When unexpected, big stuff happens in your life which is out of your control, you can feel like life is owning you and not the other way around

6th Oct 2018
11am-1pm | £11.07

I want to help you feel back in control, confident, calm and creative. I want you to feel that you always have choices and I want you to feel supported and safe, whatever is happening in your life.

“I can’t believe how helpful and inspiring I found it.”

“I’ve been struggling, especially with the comparison gremlins, but I left feeling like I wasn’t alone and with some great coping strategies. I left the event feeling mentally lighter – and the most content I have for a long time…”

Take Ownership with Alice Rose is a 2 hour event including:

– A talk

I will tell you how I transformed my life. I was a people pleaser, an approval seeker. I was low in confidence. And then we went through 11 rounds of fertility treatment. I was angry, sad, bitter, frustrated, jealous and in almost physical pain from the devastating impact of infertility.

During that time I unexpectedly found a way not only to cope, but to feel deeply content, totally connected to my core and with an absolutely rock solid foundation which I still carry with me 3 years later. I completely transformed how I live my life and I did it while going through one of the hardest challenges anyone can face. I was blown away that that this was possible despite what we were experiencing and I knew I had to start sharing how to do it for other people.

“you are a wonderful public speaker, I literally could have listened to you for hours – I wanted to hear MORE about your back story! I felt a wave of emotions when you talked about wanting to become a mother…it all felt very personable and intimate…the points to take home, some I know but it’s good to be reminded and hearing how well they have worked for you is amazing…I’ll be using them going forwards”

– A workshop

Working with you to identify what you need right now and how you can immediately make changes to feel happier, more confident and less like you’re in a tiny, flimsy dinghy in a giant, stormy sea.

– A meet up

An excuse to meet new people or come with friends to a super cool and inspiring venue and eat delicious food and drink in a friendly, safe space. I want you to leave feeling inspired, uplifted and excited.


I am not a life coach. I am not a medical specialist. Are you sold yet?!

I just know that this stuff works. I know it is powerful, I know it is revelatory because I used it for myself. I hear from people every day on Instagram, telling me I am helping them get through a really hard time. It’s incredibly humbling and incredibly motivating!

This will be the start of a brand new chapter in your life.

Bold statement there I know- but true!

I can’t wait to meet you.


“I can’t believe how helpful and inspiring I found it. I’ve been having a really rough time lately after a miscarriage and it helped me see that I need to stop fighting my reality as it’s just causing me stress rather than helping me…thank you for your wisdom and kindness for putting this on…I’d love to come along to another one and I’m sure many people would, so many important messages for anyone”

“what a lovely and inspiring evening…your talk was warm, passionate and insightful”

“just wanted to thank you so much for last night, you were amazing and so inspirational! It was great to learn some new techniques to help cope with this journey. Loved the continuous writing and life raft ideas.”

“absolutely loved this evening…such a fabulous talk and I’ve come away with some tools to help cope with this infertility marlarkey. I’m off to build my life raft”

“what an absolute gem of a woman, so inspiring, so powerfully moving and gave me the kick in the arse that I needed on the path to acceptance”

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