The Shade Pullers & Lash Stackers Social Club

A new drag night presented by Harry Humberstone, Emma Keaveney-Roys and Roxytocin

15th Oct
8pm | £8 (£6 conc.)

Shade Pullers is back, and it’s Halloween this time! Joyce is away so Paul will be joined by his old pal Barry (Lotte Allan of Goldilock Stock & Three Smoking Bears fame) to present terrifying drag acts, in it’s usual comfy setting.

Acts include:
Luna Noir
Calumbo Kelly

Since 1961, The Shade Pullers and Lash Stackers Social Club, has been run by the happily married Joyce and Paul Marsden. It has seen its share of ups and downs over the years, but that all changed, when an unusually tall, square-jawed woman by the name of Jaffa Swallows walked into the club. After an unfortunate hairspray-related fire, Jaffa was looking for a new venue and Joyce and Paul were thrilled to have such a lovely lady perform at the club – and Jaffa’s friends soon followed.

Amidst an array of subversive gender-bending artistry, Joyce and Paul remain giddy and naïve to what’s beneath the makeup. They might not quite understand what they’re seeing, or why these ladies need so much hair-removal cream, but they’re having a ball. Now, the club’s gone from ‘pot luck bingo’ to ‘blow-your-eyes-out fabulousness’, spilling over with drag queens, kings and cabaret acts from around the country.

Dress code: Limitless self-expression

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