Queen Cunt – Sacred or Profane?

China Blue Fish & Deborah Antoinette present an absurd comedy sketch show - inspired by Dada, the show weaves together ritual, physical theatre & a live vocal score with characters ranging from Virgin Mary, to Theresa May, Earth Priestesses to Burt the drag king

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  • Friday, 29th September 2017
  • Saturday, 30th September 2017
29th Sep - 30th Sep
8pm (plus relaxed performance at 2pm on Sat) | £10

“Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands,
Kill their children
Practice witchcraft
Destroy capitalism
And become lesbians”
Come and see us do all of this…and more!

Venus is about to collide with Earth! A multi-character explosion paints the stage.

In an age where passing trends compel some to surgical operation, where mainstream porn has hijacked sensuality, we delve into the wild waters of womanhood, reclaiming the body in a joyful, dark and often anarchic exploration. Fuck capitalism, fuck abusing mother nature, lets all get together and make sweet love! All power to the feminine, the wrathful, the sensual!

The quest of two comedic female performers to tell it how it has never been told before. Discovering what is left that really is sacred and feminine, and what exactly is profane?

Disclaimer: Gender binaries are dead, white feminism is dead, and if you think we hate men, you’re dead!

Cunt – a Proto-Indo-European root word meaning either woman, knowledge, creator or queen. Oldest word in the English language for female genitals & “The most heavily tabooed of all English words” (Rawson, 1989).

In the interest of inclusivity, parents and carers with young babies are welcome at their discretion.

Trigger Warning: This show explores issues surrounding consent, assault & pornography

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