Pulling Out

A new play inspired by candid conversations with teenage dads, a spirited look at unplanned parenthood from the male perspective by the award-winning Documental Theatre

8th Mar - 11th Mar
8pm (plus 2pm matinee on Sat) | £8

Leo’s seventeen. He’s got college, a decent right-swipe-rate on Tinder and a new-born. He’s mixing avocado and saving for Pampers over own-brand because of the more reliable gusset. He wants to go the distance as a dad. That’s if his mates or Caitlin, his baby’s mum, will let him. Or her mum, or stepdad or his mum, or his stepdads…Those nans and grandads all want a piece of the pie. So “pulling out” didn’t work too well as contraception, but is it his best bet now?

Documental Theatre return to The Wardrobe Theatre after the brilliant Score.

“I was struck by the realism and humour.”

“Kept the audience chuckling and thinking, while gently questioning society’s expectations of young parents.”
★★★★ Kentish Towner

“Pitch perfect: beautifully written, sensitively performed and with a rip-roaring fast pace.”
The People’s Republic of South Devon

“Truly laughed out loud – very gripping – incredibly strong performances.”
Audience member at The Bike Shed Theatre

After the 2pm Matinee on 11th March there will be a free Forum Theatre session, inspired by the theories of August Boal (3pm-3.45). Members of the audience will be able to work with the play’s cast to revisit moments of action in the play, step into the story and improvise different story outcomes towards helping the central character Leo to a good outcome. Participants can expect thought-provoking discussion on everything from fathers’ rights to the youth justice system, as well as no small amount of sabotage, laughter and anarchy.

The session is planned by Sandy Akerman who has worked with Cardboard Citizens and has over 20 years’ experience working in prisons and schools. Not to be missed by any drama practitioner with an interest in Applied Theatre or indeed anyone interested in how small personal choices add up to social change.

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