Peter Clifford’s Magical Mythologies

Discover why you can’t trust your eyes... and you may well not believe your mind, with Peter Clifford’s latest, mind-melting magic show

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  • Tuesday, 17th March 2020
  • Wednesday, 18th March 2020
  • Thursday, 19th March 2020
  • Friday, 20th March 2020
  • Saturday, 21st March 2020
17th Mar 2020 - 21st Mar 2020
7.30pm (plus 2pm on Saturday) | £10

“Peter Clifford is one of my favourite magicians and one of the loveliest people I know… Do everything you can to get tickets!”
Derren Brown

In the intimate and exciting space of The Wardrobe Theatre, Peter Clifford will weave his magic around stories of life, conjuring and the wonders of the world. Join him as he plays with puzzles of perception and prestidigitates for you pleasure. Let your grip on reality slip for a moment and be transported into something far more fantastical and exciting. You really have to see it to not believe it.

“Peter Clifford is a constant delight.”
Time Out London

“A seriously impressive evening of trickery, bamboozlement and banter!”

“A Peter Clifford magic show never fails to astound.”
Bristol Culture

Running Time: 1 hour 40 mins (with interval)
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