Mummy Monster

Liz Hart and Lady Strong's Bonfire present a frank, funny and ferocious look at the pressures of parenting

4th Mar
2pm | £7

Bristol-based artist Liz Hart invites you into her kitchen to share the intimate life of a modern day parent. Mummy Monster is about one woman’s journey from a seeming state of balance into a monstrous state where she is no longer fully in control. The show explores the times when you, as a parent “lose it,” and is an honest look at the pressures of parenting.

Mummy Monster started life as a powerful and exciting site-specific kitchen show that has been touring community venues and private homes. It is frank, funny and ferocious and combines beautiful imagery, striking physicality and original music and sounds. This show is for anybody who has spent long hours with small children, or who knows anybody who does.

“I just thought – that’s my house!… If you’ve made a performance it must be happening to everyone. We must be all the same.”
Mum at Barton Hill Healthy Living Centre’s support group for Somali and Eastern European Mums

Suitable for ages 10+

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