Lash Stackers Presents…. Xtrah Virgin by The Virgin Xtravaganzah

Part theatre, part stand-up, part drag spectacular, don't miss this one off opportunity to see a superstar of British drag

14th Jul
8pm | £10

Paul has an exciting new venture in the working men’s club, a full hour long drag spectacular! Expect a charming atmosphere to warm you up for feature length, British drag royalty.

Xtrah Virgin, a new show by the Virgin Xtravaganzah

She’s the holy mother of Gawd. She’s the Virgin Mary, who’s come back down to Earth (because Heaven is totes boring and full of Christians) to be a fabulous drag queen!

In this show Virgin reflects on her past two years living back on Earth, what she has learned about our modern culture and she is finding herself as a young woman in this new modern world. She compares and contrasts cultural differences between the modern age and the Bible, Grindr and Sodom and Gomorrah, the teachings of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, with the teachings of¬†contemporary sages Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Beyonce. The Church may stop this Virgin from dishing her T, but they’ll soon find out that they Vata-CAN’T. #strutwithchrist


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