Kneehigh’s The Dancing Frog

Kneehigh Theatre present a delightful tale of hope, heart and hip-hoppity adventure based on the classic children's book by Quentin Blake - suitable for children, adults and frogs of all shapes and sizes!

14th Aug 2019 - 15th Aug 2019
11am & 2pm | £8 children / £10 adults

Poor Gertrude thinks she’ll never laugh or love again. But then she has a lucky encounter on a lily pad. With a frog. Called George. Suddenly, things are looking bright again! For George isn’t just any frog. He’s a dancing frog. And when Gertrude thrusts this web-footed wonder into the spotlight, he becomes an overnight sensation, the likes of which the world has never seen!

Featuring a team including Old Rope String Band musician and early Kneehigh member Tim Dalling, performer and puppeteer Ailsa Dalling, Cornish performer Jenny Beare, puppeteer extraordinaire Sarah Wright, with puppets created by Lyndie Wright of the Little Angel Theatre, London. Mike Shepherd directs this delightful tale of hope, heart and hip-hoppity adventure based on the classic children’s book by Quentin Blake.

“Kneehigh is as magical as it is powerful. Creating worlds and igniting the imagination of both young and old. Incredibly impressive and important work that I feel so blessed to have seen with my family.”
Kate Winslet

“In true Kneehigh style, the most minimal props set the sceneand just three performers whizzed through space and time, accompanied by the most captivating and charming green frog whose dancing is unrivalled in the puppet world.”
The Bosinver

Image credit: Steve Tanner
Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)
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