I’m Bitter About Glitter

A joyful exploration of identity, belonging and choice, created by Liz Clarke (age 43) and Felix Council (age 10)

23rd Jun 2019
12pm (followed by a workshop at 1.30pm) | £8 (£12 for show & workshop)

Liz and Felix take you on awe-inspiring journey into their fantastical world – where they unite to battle the Beigester (think patriarchy, in beige) who threatens to invade their world of sparkle and choice. Join this mother and son duo as they travel to distant lands, meet magical beings and learn so much about themselves on the way. Who will triumph in the Battle of the Beige?

A show for anyone who has ever been small with big questions & a big imagination, or whose family doesn’t quite fit inside the box.

The performance is family friendly and will be a relaxed showing, so babies and youngsters warmly welcomed.

I’m Bitter About Glitter Family Workshop: 1.30-3pm
Join us in this anarchic workshop with your family; and Banish the Beigester (or smash the patriarchy)! Together we will create magical lands, and think big thoughts about Identity, feeling different and being your fabulous self… with the help of props, found poetry and most importantly – your ideas. The workshop is designed for families to participate in together, to share the fun,share experiences and have big conversations.. Suitable for ages 8+ and children must be accompanied by an adult.

“It’s a joy to watch this mother and son’s relationship on stage.”
Audience Feedback

“It was magical.”
Audience Feeback (aged 8)

Running Time:
Show – 40 mins (no interval)
Workshop – 90 mins
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