Hot Flushes – The Musical

A revenge musical about homicidal menopausal women and fiscal responsibility, inspired by the personal testimonies of activist pensioners - a selected play for Bristol Old Vic’s 2019 Open Session from Documental Theatre

6th Jun 2019 - 8th Jun 2019
7.30pm (plus 2pm on Sat) | £10

Sometimes it’s hard to be a pensioner… giving all your cash to just one fund…

Hot Flushes – The Musical is the story of Sandra, a disappointed BHS pensioner on the edge of sanity and on a mission to get her dues. A selected play for Bristol Old Vic Open Session and sorta what you might get if Victoria Wood and Ennio Morricone collaborated after a few tequilas, the show features an ensemble cast & live band (baritone sax, drums, guitar) and original songs.

It’s 2016. Lady Green is bronzing on a Super Yacht, Sir Phil Green is getting roasted by a Parliamentary Select Committee, and Sandra in Lighting, who’s worked thirty-five years for BHS, is burning from the loss of her pension. With a Country & Western score and quick-fire one-liners, brought to you by the company that made Score, Pulling Out and Laminated, Hot Flushes is the only show you’ll see this year that puts hutzpah and foot spa in the same lyric.

“Loved it, and can identify with the anger. Folks will really identify with this, and its dark humour, and I hope really get the point of the obscenity of the rich in power, totally abusing the systems.”
Eve Wignall, Pension Activist

“A dysfunctional love story about the roller coaster hormonal journey of murderous menopause and remembering what home means.”

“Funny, engaging, skin-crawlingly familiar and hugely entertaining.”

“Warm and funny.”
The Stage on previous show, Laminated

“Cunningly constructed and gloriously sung.”
The Guardian on previous show, Score

“Fast paced, emotive and tender.”
Exeunt on previous show, Pulling Out

Running Time: 75 mins (no interval)
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