Ear Trumpet Folk Club: Tom Hickox

Ear Trumpet Folk Club presents regular intimate, sit-down gigs with some of the greatest musicians from around the globe

26th Sep
8pm | £10 adv.

Tom Hickox is a singer-songwriter from North London, born in 1981. He released his debut album, War, Peace & Diplomacy, in 2014 via Fierce Panda, following which led to comparisons of Hickox’s music to that of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Scott Walker and Randy Newman.

The Daily Telegraph commended the “depth and intensity” of his voice and music calling him “a true original” and described him as “the most powerful and original lyrical songwriter this country has produced in years”. The Sunday Times described Hickox’s music “as if from a different planet, and certainly from a different age”. Fuse magazine wrote positively of his “outrageously daring lyrics” and the “deathly beauty” of his arrangements. On March 31st 2017, Family Tree/Warner Chappell released Tom Hickox’s second album, Monsters In The Deep.

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