Dance Of The Violin

Wild Words presents a magical storytelling and music show for ages 3-10 preceeded by a playshop puppet making workshop

28th Aug
11am & 2.30pm | £8 (ages 2 and under go free)

PLAYSHOP: 11am-11.45am | 2.30pm-3.15pm
B.Y.O – BRING YOUR OWN Instruments and we’ll make our own BAND in the Playshop!
SHOW: 12pm | 3.30pm

Once there was a boy called Joshua who loved making a noise, who loved making sounds and his parents would say “Joshua that’s good but could you do something else now please?” Then one day his parents started to hear music and they said “Joshua that’s really good could you play some more please?” And when they saw how much he loved playing the elastic band they bought him a violin!

When Joshua first played the violin a star appeared over his head and he imagined stories of spinning dancers, ferocious bears and ships lost at sea. Then one day Joshua returned home from school very excited… “I need to go to Kalamazoo! Kalama-who? Kalamazoo! There’s a music competition and the winner gets to play with a whole orchestra! Will Joshua make it to Kalamazoo and how will he get on?

Storyteller Michael Loader (trumpet) and multi instrumentalist Martin Solomon (violin, accordion and harp) of Wild Words return to The Wardrobe Theatre (last seen in Glorious Greeks and Beethoven’s 4 Seasons) to tell the true story of a boy who wasn’t frightened of asking for another chance…

Kathy Stinson’s book for families is brought to life in words and music by Wild Words who have built up a reputation for original and innovative storytelling and live music events for families during their seven years of residency at the renowned St George’s in Bristol as well as a host of venues in the south west and further afield, including The Egg in Bath, Wiltshire Music Centre and Birmingham Symphony Hall family events.

Join Michael and Martin for a pre show Playshop of Noise, Sound and Music Making then step on stage for our Bristol’s Got Talent song, dance and music show!

“Thank you once again for such a wonderful event! We were so pleased with the children’s engagement which was, in no small way down to your enthusiasm.”
The Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Running Time: 2 hours (with interval)
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