Bristol Know Show

Presented by Sci X Southwest - performing experiments, science comedy and cabaret in Bristol

5th Sep 2019
7.30pm | £8

Looking for a lively night out, featuring comedy and performance about loads of different topics? We got you. From video games to dinosaurs, exploding stars to star-nosed moles, our performers will bring you a world of science-and-technology-vaguely-related-content, spiced with jokes to help the facts go down.

Brought to you by Sci X SW, Bristol-based science/comedy/entertainment collective.

Do you like finding out about the world around you? Do you also enjoy fun? Us too. We believe science is part of culture, and as such should be available, accessible, critiqued and generally not taken too seriously. We run events in Bristol and beyond where audiences can laugh and learn, and performers – even those without science training! – can share their specialist interests in creative ways. Hard to envisage? You can hear our previous events here.

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