Bristol Bad Film Club

"Zone Troopers" presented by BBFC, a place where movie fans can come and behold some of the most unique and notorious films ever put to celluloid

27th Jul
8pm | £5

At Bristol Bad Film Club we believe that great movies fall into two categories: they either have to be the very best… or the very worst. Whether they are Citizen Kane or Plan 9 From Outer Space, we believe that at the very least, a movie should entertain… and there is something wonderful about a truly ‘bad film’.

Whether it’s the head-scratching dialogue, the shoddy special effects or acting that would not look out of place in a nursery school’s nativity play. Instead of ignoring these films and condemning them, Bristol Bad Film Club is dedicated to showing them, and other cult films of their ilk, in all their terrible glory, and basking in their awfulness.


Zone Troopers

In Italy during World War II, an American military patrol discovers a spaceship that has crash-landed in the woods, along with its alien crew. A nearby Nazi unit also sends a patrol to investigate the crash and to capture the aliens if possible.

“We all love good movies, but a true cinephile is someone who totally digs talking about the worst movies they’ve seen.”
Pauline Kael, Film Critic

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