Blooming Out

A new clown show that explores in a light and comic way some of the most intriguing moments in the whole feminine universe, by NOS Three

4th Aug - 5th Aug
8pm | £10

Awarded “Best Performance” at Swindon Fringe 2017

Blooming Out is a clown show that explores in a light and comic way some of the most intriguing moments in the whole feminine universe. The fascination of beauty, the girly plays, the first time putting on make-up, the body’s development including its feminine parts, the arrival of the period, the first kiss, maternity, love, the demands and social taboos, work, the oppression and fear, happiness growing old; these are some of the many fascinating and scary themes that build the story of this plot.

Blooming Out is a clown show using only non-verbal language, creating touching scenes of great power and beauty. A celebration of being female and feminine interpreted by two Brazilian clown women.

Blooming Out is a new piece of theatre based on the research that Bianca and Maria developed about the meanings of the feminine universe. Choosing the clown technique, the actresses embrace the disparate themes of this universe, such as fragility, physical transformation and love; all this covered in a light, comic and poetic way. The piece does not use the verbal language, but solely of physical theatre and music. This peculiar clown technique allows the audience to experience in a direct way physical emotions of the theme presented. As well as giving the space for the audience to create their own interpretations according to their own life experiences.

“Quite a brilliant ‘show not tell’ on life and all its dilemmas. Well done with the use of
props, facial expressions and vigour. It is quite brilliantly done indeed.” 
The Swindonian

“Joyful clowning! Fantastically creative, funny and clever of life and all its dilemmas.”
The Public Reviews

João Ricardo Aguiar the director had his debut play “Salvo-Conduto” released in 2006, and award winning in 2010 as the “Best Play of the Year” at Portugal’s National Theatre Contest.
Maria de Jesus Rocha clown and actress. She has been developing her artistic activities since 1992, based upon Pre-Expressive techniques and Clowning.
Bianca Bertalot clown and actress, last year was awarded funding by the Arts Council to develop her show “Cinco Coisas”.

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