Beyond The Ridiculous

Sundays at The Wardrobe Theatre: An monthly exploration of fooling facilitated by Holly Stoppit

4th Dec
7.30pm (2pm on 4th Dec) | £8 (£5 conc. / £10 support us)

We all have voices in our heads. People we’ve met, aspects of ourselves, bizarre and banal creatures cobbled from emotions and memories. Instead of wishing they’d keep the noise down in there, the fools of Beyond The Ridiculous invite them out to play!

Fooling is a staggeringly versatile form of solo improvisation. Expertly facilitated by Fool Shaman Holly Stoppit, Beyond The Ridiculous is a chance to see courageous performers leaping off cliffs into the limitless possibilities of each moment. You may laugh, cry or stare dumbfounded and for once the voices in your head will discover they are not alone.

“It was absolutely incredible. You laugh and cry, and feel very connected to the performer on stage… both incredibly funny and incredibly moving.”
The Huffington Post

“I just thought it was brilliant and brave. I will definitely be back!”
Audience Reaction

“It was so releasing. I feel in a much better place than when I walked in. Seeing everyone getting their crazy parts out made me feel connected to mine. But I push mine down. Seeing the performers release it all made me want to get out and play more.”
Audience Reaction

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