It’s Better To Lie Than To Tell The Truth And End Up Alone In A Ditch Crying

Edinburgh Fringe 2017: A unique new comedy from acclaimed performer and former rock star Ellen Waddell

20th Jul - 21st Jul
8pm | £10

We lie to our friends, family, lovers, and bosses because it’s easier than the truth – we have no idea what we’re doing, and we might have genital warts.

In her new show, former rock star and acclaimed performer Ellen Waddell (Jean-Luc Picard & Me) tackles the necessity of lying in life, love, friendship and when applying for administrative jobs at truck logistics companies.

Starring Ellen and a Chair.

“Waddell’s performance is enormously brave, personal and self-aware… that she is willing to share it is our privilege.”
Geek Chocolate

“Entertaining and delightful”
Broadway Baby

“Simultaneously raw and sweet, painfully frank and ultimately bursting with the joy of connecting.”
The Skinny

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