Noisey Animals

Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals are going on holiday. After a long, exhausting music tour they are hoping to get away and have a nice relaxing time… But something tells me this won’t be the soothing holiday Kid Carpet was planning on and there is going to be pandemonium by the pool. The Noisy Animals takeover Kid Carpet’s balmy break with big beat songs, wonky donkeys, live special effects, puppetry and animation.

A ridiculous yet charming story of going on your holidays, silliness and mischief for the whole family. Expect sand in your sandwiches, upside down sat navs, ants in your ice-cream and Badger’s towel on your sun lounger.

Ed Patrick (aka Kid Carpet), is a Bristol-based maker of nonsense music and rock’n’roll theatre shows. Noisy Holiday is the fourth instalment of the Noisy Animals adventure, they’ve had a dance contest, they’ve been to space, they’ve caused bedlam in Bethlehem now it’s time for a nice relaxing holiday…

“Anarchy, irreverence and belly laughs for adults and children alike.”
Theatre Bristol

“The Mighty Boosh for kids!”
Strike A Light Festival

“If you’ve got kids you must take them to see Kid Carpet, if you haven’t got kids borrow some and go anyway.”
Older Than Evil

Free Lunch With The StenchWench

“A cross between performance art, stand-up, a gig and a call to arms.”
Desperate Optimists

Free Lunch With The StenchWench is a rallying cry for times of brutal cuts and disparity, a solo account of shame and poverty from a personal perspective. Charting the drive for survival and fitting in, the StenchWench shares stories of growing up as one of the ‘feral underclass’ whilst precariously existing in Austerity Britain today. Cheap clothes, thrifty bread, cold baths, and debauched disadvantaged dancing are unleashed as she natters and sings about how to get by.

In a climate of Thatcher’s Britain and unemployment she chronicles her itinerant childhood in the 70’s and 80’s. Now, fully fledged she strives to overcome the humiliation of ‘lack’ and celebrates our spirit of community and hope at a time of even more disparity between the privileged and the hard-up.

Expect a one-woman flea circus doled up with live songs, faded glory, austerity pants, mouldy scones and hot chocolate.

“Catherine Hoffmann’s StenchWench is a labour of love and hits a home run for the proletariat! If you like your shows raw, real and dipping with beauty, go see this one. It will not disappoint.”
Stacy Makishi

“At once funny, touching and full of sadness…”
Gill Lloyd, Co-Director Artsadmin

O No!

A psychedelic ride, and a wonky homage to the woman damned for destroying the Beatles, O No! borrows Yoko Ono’s art instructions to ask whether falling in love is always catastrophic. A sell-out success and one of the most talked
about shows of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015.

It’s about reckless optimism, avant-garde art and what we might yet have to learn from the hippies.

“…Like being sucked down a rabbit hole full of joy.”
★★★★ Fest

“A slice of sweet absurdity that made me smile from beginning to end.”
★★★★ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“Fractious, hilarious and punctuated by undeniable beauty, Jamie Wood’s tribute to Yoko Ono is a thing of mischief and magic.”
★★★★★ The Stage

“Perfect as an oasis in the midst of a hectic festival, and a genuinely different experience.”
Total Theatre

“By the end, Wood has got the entire audience making music and probably doubled the amount of happiness floating around…”
★★★★ The Guardian

Nominated for a Total Theatre Award for Experimentation and Innovation

Co-directed by Wendy Hubbard

Jamie Wood is a performer and director, creating striking and accessible theatre. His work reflects a training combining fine art, theatre, clown and dance and ranges from the comic and darkly surreal plays of The Frequency D’Ici (Paperweight, Fringe
First 2008) to the physical and visual poetics of Petra’s Pulse (Aegean Fatigue,National Review of Live Art 2008).

Blooming Out

Blooming Out is a clown show that explores in a light and comic way some of the most intriguing moments in the whole feminine universe. The fascination of beauty, the girly plays, the first time putting on make-up, the body’s development including its feminine parts, the arrival of the period, the first kiss, maternity, love, the demands and social taboos, work, the oppression and fear, happiness growing old; these are some of the many fascinating and scary themes that build the story of this plot.

Blooming Out is a clown show using only non-verbal language, creating touching scenes of great power and beauty. A celebration of being female and feminine interpreted by two Brazilian clown women.

Blooming Out is a new piece of theatre based on the research that Bianca and Maria developed about the meanings of the feminine universe. Choosing the clown technique, the actresses embrace the disparate themes of this universe, such as fragility, physical transformation and love; all this covered in a light, comic and poetic way. The piece does not use the verbal language, but solely of physical theatre and music. This peculiar clown technique allows the audience to experience in a direct way physical emotions of the theme presented. As well as giving the space for the audience to create their own interpretations according to their own life experiences.

“Joyful clowning! Fantastically creative, funny and clever of life and all its dilemmas.”
The Public Reviews

João Ricardo Aguiar the director had his debut play “Salvo-Conduto” released in 2006, and award winning in 2010 as the “Best Play of the Year” at Portugal’s National Theatre Contest.
Maria de Jesus Rocha clown and actress. She has been developing her artistic activities since 1992, based upon Pre-Expressive techniques and Clowning.
Bianca Bertalot clown and actress, last year was awarded funding by the Arts Council to develop her show “Cinco Coisas”.

Beethoven’s 4 Seasons with Wild Words

A Ludwig van Beethoven rollercoaster of drama and daring, triumph and trauma, from the shadows of his father to the guiding love of his mother, from losing his hearing to the Ode to Joy. Meet Mozart, the pink wigs of Vienna and a dancing puppet all wrapped up in Wild Words’ trademark magical invention.

Playshop 2pm – Learn a song to sing in the show and ‘Meet the Instruments’ from strings to brass to accordion (40 minutes)
Performance 3pm – Show Time (55 minutes)
After the show come on stage to meet, ask questions and play some instruments, including hosepipe trumpets!

“An intoxicating mix of sound and story to leave a magical world lingering in the minds of their young audience for a very long time.”
Catherine Freda, Head of Education at St George’s Bristol

“Loved the performance, the acting and music were splendid. The message about his deafness was beautifully done.”
Audience Reaction

“Thank you for such a rich, touching, sad-joyful occasion. Musical accomplishment and participation – you have all the bases covered. A dramatic delight.”
Audience Reaction

Michael Loader – storyteller, storywriter and flugel horn
Alison Francis Black – violin
 and voice
Martin Solomon – violin, harp, accordion and piano
Caitlin Alais Callahan – piano, flute and bass

Dedicated to my special friend Henry, ‘the Boy with Spirit’ and my Mum who opened my ears to Beethoven.

Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera – Mayday! Mayday! Special

Mayday! Mayday!
Performed at Brunel’s SS Great Britain (not at The Wardrobe Theatre)
Ticket price includes full entry to explore Brunel’s SS Great Britain and the museum

Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera is the world’s longest improvised narrative having run at The Wardrobe Theatre fortnightly for over 5 years and over 100 episodes.

The show is a live, spontaneous and unique theatrical experience performed fortnightly by Closer Each Day Company and co-produced by The Wardrobe Theatre. Join your favourite characters for this cult show, created on the spot by an array of local performers. Think Twin Peaks meets League of Gentlemen via Sunset Beach; a soap opera full of romance, fights, sci-fi and enough plot twists to melt your face.

“So consistently gripping it’s incredible to think it’s created off the cuff.”
Visit Bristol

“Crackling wit… Its unscripted nature gives it a raw, exciting edge missing from rehearsed theatre.”
Bristol 24/7

“I left with aching cheeks from uncontrollable laughter induced by the cast’s impressive, and always comical, ability to improvise.”
Inter:Mission Bristol

Brunel’s SS Great Britain

Great Western Dockyard, Gas Ferry Rd, Bristol BS1 6TY

Step back in time when you board Brunel’s SS Great Britain and discover the ship that changed the world. Experience the sights, sounds and smells of life on board for Victorian passengers and crew. Descend under water below the glass ‘sea’ to touch the world’s first great ocean liner. This iconic steam ship, and national treasure, was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and lies at the heart of a multi award-winning visitor attraction.

Let Me Look At You

In the year celebrating half a century since the Sexual Offences Act, the award-winning Starving Artists Theatre Company return to Edinburgh with a brand new show for a new generation.

“It’s not the homosexuals but the gays I can’t stand.”

The Wolfenden Report.
The boys of Times Square and Piccadilly.
Angry Lesbians getting magnificently high in Soho after storming Parliament.
Fierce women under arrest at the Black Cat bar in Los Angeles.
Radical Drag. And the oncoming plague years.
… a sense of revolution, that things can never be the same again.

Time, and experience, and history – unyielding and pitiless teachers. And yet… there is still time to laugh, to fall in love, to desire and hold. There is still time to dance.

Created by Mark Pinkosh (performer), Godfrey Hamilton (writer), David Prescott (director) and Ruth Mitchell (dramaturg).


At a time when mental health is increasingly making the headlines, yet still so many are unable to speak about their experience for fear of stigma, this show attempts to tell a personal story that will get people talking.

Hi, I’m Kane, and this show is about me and my mum, and her mental health. I want you to watch this show and feel like you’ve come and had a chat with an old friend. I really don’t want this show to be pretentious, and neither does she, but this is difficult. What is pretentious for one person, is everyday for another. I remember when I thought avocados were pretentious. The show has live music which I make myself, and songs I have written which I sing, there is storytelling, and acting, and movement, and memories of me and my mum.

Mental is about the mind, my mum’s mind, my mind, and your mind. And if its about the mind, somehow its about the heart, the soul, and about humans being.

★★★★★ Spy In The Stalls

★★★★★ The Edge

“Such craft and illumination deserves a big audience. Go see it.”
Ed Whitfield, View From The Cheap Seat

Reviewers Choice Vault Festival 2017

The Goldilock, Stock Social Club

Goldilock, Stock & Three Smoking Bears is going to Edinburgh Fringe 2017 but we need your help to get there!

Join Goldilock, Harry, Barry and Vinnie plus all your favourite characters from The Wardrobe Theatre’s hit alternative comedy show for an unmissable night of entertainment and laughter, soundtracked by our house band.

Don’t miss this stellar line-up of Bristol acts including:
Tom Marshman
Closer Each Day Company
Ellie Showering & Rozie Jackson
Angus Barr
Sugarscratch Theatre
Bertie Boulevard
Ed Rapley
The Goldilock, Stock Social Club House Band
and many, many more!!!

Performed at The Redgrave Theatre

Percival Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 3LE


The Time Seekers

Have you ever dreamt of seeing a dinosaur?
Meeting a Roman or an Ancient Egyptian?
Sharing tea time with a robot from the future?
Join The Wardrobe Ensemble and The Wardrobe Theatre for a thrilling journey through time where you take the steering wheel!

Following on from the stellar success of The Star Seekers, comes a brand new mission, The Time Seekers – an inspiring, warm and audience driven children’s show that journeys through history, exploring the people and places of our past and future with songs, humour and lots of audience interaction. Alph, Betty and Gammo need Bristol’s Time Seekers to help us complete our latest mission and help answer one of the greatest questions of all time – what is a Diplodocus’s favourite bedtime story?

Suitable for ages 3-8 years
No shows on Saturday 3rd June

“We danced, we shouted, we sang, we laughed, we pelted the stage with newspaper… A stellar example of everything that is good about family theatre.”
Weston-Super-Mum on The Star Seekers

“A uniquely collaborative adventure in which many of the story’s twists and turns are supplied by the audience members and improvised, with impressive creativity and quicksilver pace… get pulled into the irresistible gravitational field of this beautifully wide-eyed, enthusiastic and good-humoured show.”
Bristol 24/7 on The Star Seekers