The Paper Cinema’s Ghost Stories: Tales Of The Supernatural

Beguiling pen and ink drawings are magically brought to life in real time by two puppeteers and a projector to create a unique, animated film. They are joined by a hugely talented ensemble of multi-instrumentalists (including violin, guitar, musical saw and live looping) performing the atmospheric soundtrack live on stage.

Discover what happened when the Devil came to Cornwall, strange happenings in a bewitched house in Devon, ghostly apparitions in Shropshire and a headless rider in Savernake Forest, Wiltshire.

Ghost Stories is The Paper Cinema’s latest show combining the languages of animation, music, film and theatre to create something truly unique and magical. Previous shows include Macbeth and  The Odyssey.

Made for adult but suitable for ages 8+

“The pleasure here is not just that the animations are both sinister and enchanting, or that the wonderful music gives the whole thing the feel of a quirky silent movie, but also that you can see how the show is being made right before your eyes. The mechanics are fully revealed, and being able to observe the process in no way diminishes what you see but rather enhances it.”
The Guardian

“Ingenious and beautiful… Bound to delight.”
The Telegraph

“Any production by this small British company is bound to be something special.”
The Times

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

Interval Takeover

Visitors can expect: karaoke, a Cornish sound installation, specially made walks around Old Market, Donald Trump drag, movements of care, hyper-femininity, resistance gone awry, a tea ceremony, lip-synch, evasive answers and ancestral landscapes…

Interval is a collective of artists who share space, knowledge and resources above St Nicholas market in the centre of Bristol. We perform across the UK and internationally, but rarely on home turf. This is our chance to come together to put on a collection of work for Bristol audiences. The programme will be a mix of work that is brand new, finished, not-quite-finished and some specially made for the weekend.

Performance, visual art and workshops from members brought to you by Ania Varez, Viki Browne, Katherine Hall, Danny Prosser, Jack Drewry, Michael Tew, Mary Eddowes, Jo Hellier, Rachael Clerke, Howl Yuan, Alex Goodman, Eleanor Fogg, Joanna Young, Kip Johnson, Linzy Na Nakorn, Sarah Corbett and Pip Hambly. This year for the Interval Takeover we are excited to be joined by artists Kappa Tseng, Tao Chiang, Lee Nan Hasuan from Taiwan who are in residence with the collective through the Artist Home Swap Exchange.


Conditions for Possibility by Jo Young
7.30pm-11pm | Installation | In The Bar
A collection of research material, an open studio in the form of participatory installation that explores the notion of sustaining. Funded by a Creative Wales Award from the Arts Council of Wales. More info at

Singing Improvisation by Jo Hellier
7.30pm-8pm | In The Theatre

Lucky Ping Pong Dragon Karaoke by Howl Yuan
8.15pm-9.15pm | Performance | In The Theatre
A collective of performances created by 4 Asian artists based in different cities in Britain, each of whom presents two pieces to play with the subjects of identity, consumption and objectification.

Kinkens by Pip Hamley
9.30pm-10.30pm | Performance | In The Theatre
‘Kinkens’ is Old Scots for the evasive answers to the questions of overly curious children. Like, what is the meaning of life. And what shall we do about Jack. Featuring original music by Kid Carpet. “Endearingly inept.” ThreeWeeks, Edinburgh Fringe 2018


Conditions for Possibility by Jo Young
1pm-8pm | Installation | In The Bar
A collection of research material, an open studio in the form of participatory installation that explores the notion of sustaining. Funded by a Creative Wales Award from the Arts Council of Wales. More info at

Workshop with Katherine Hall
1pm-3pm | In The Theatre

The Listening Station by Alex Goodman
1pm-3pm, 3.45pm-4.15pm, 6.15pm-6.45pm, 8.15pm-8.45pm | Installation | In The Bar
(For one person at a time – sign up for a slot)
An installation inspired by the site of an experimental listening station during the cold war monitoring submarine activity. You are invited to shift through material presented at a research desk from the Listening Station with the sea crashing below.

Walking in Circles by Jo Young & Kip Johnson
2pm-7pm (durational)
A circular pilgrimage around a widening field. We walk. Building and following urban Cairns to navigate our path. Listening to a map, tracing and leaving prints. We keep walking. Participate or witness a walk in concentric circles in and around Old Market Assembly.

The No Place by Kappa & Tao
3pm-3.30pm | Performance | In the Bar
With a theatre design background, Kappa and Tao create pieces of low-tech audio-visual spectacles intersecting object theatre and ambient music. Inspired by the recent autonomous-zone murder incident in Taiwan, The No Place explores the theme of resistance gone awry.

Tea Ceremony by Nanshen Lee
4.15pm-4.45pm | Performance | In the Bar
Special Taiwanese style tea ceremony for non-Asian only. A event that celebrate a little happiness in hand in life and witness the brutality from the industrialization and the globalization.

Hyper-Fem by Viki Browne
5pm-6pm | Performance | In The Theatre
Hyper Fem explores the performance of femininity through drag. It challenges restrictive gender norms dictated and commodified by the patriarchy and questions the possibility of subverting these roles using a female body as the site for this satirical performance. This is the first public performance of this work. Inclusive & safe space: contact if you have any access needs.

Double Bill: Coast Path Film by Alex Goodman & How to achieve redemption as a Scot through the medium of Braveheart by Rachael Clerke
7pm-8.10pm | Film & Performance | In The Theatre
Coast Path: In June 2018 Alex walked 150 miles of coast path, gathering sound and video. This work explores ideas of pilgrimage, occult tradition and ancestral landscape in response to the specters encountered while camping alone on the cliftops with the voices of the tide rushing beneath.
How to achieve redemption as a Scot through the medium of Braveheart: In the run up to the Scottish referendum on independence in 2014, Rachael made a very moment-specific Edinburgh fringe show about Braveheart, Donald Trump and Alex Salmond. Now she’s doing the show again, just this once, just for fun. “Biting satire and lightness of touch… Clerke is a magnetic stage presence.” ★★★★ A Younger Theatre

PARTY PARTY by Interval
9pm-12am | In The Bar
Auction of promises, cabaret performance, DJ & dancing!