The Snow Baby

Deep in the remote snowy forest an icy wind blows and snowflakes fall from the sky. Doris and her Bear Man live on the hill, alone but happy. Wrapped up in a snowy smother, they are in love. But when the snowstorm comes, Doris’ Bear Man disappears! How will Doris survive by herself in a forest plagued with nothing but bad weather and a cloud of hungry crows?

Soap Soup Theatre present The Snow Baby, a magical children’s theatre show with beautiful puppetry, imaginative storytelling and music that will give you goosebumps – a gentle show exploring family, love and loss, with lots of music, confetti and funny bits for the whole family to enjoy!

“A tender and enchanting children’s story, featuring a host of loveable characters.”
The Reviews Hub

“A very enjoyable and well-executed piece of theatre that charmed us all.”
Weston Super Mum (on The Owl & The Pussycat’s Treasury of Nonsense)

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

Christmas Tales With Granddad

Bursting with heart-warming storytelling and festive cheer, Christmas Tales With Granddad creates the sense of an intimate fireside in the theatre, with Granddad welcoming imaginative input from the audience as he weaves 3 brand new tales.

A magical a feast of festive stories including a special pair of Christmas pants, the mystery of the snowflake necklace and the mischievous shenanigans of the Tomten – a feisty Gnome, who loves the chance to swap gossip with woodland creatures, and who might just be the reason Granddad can’t find his favourite tree decoration.

“Skilful puppetry and charming story-telling.”
The Stage

“A delightful family show.”
Animations Online

“Fantastic interaction with the audience, quizzing the children with brilliant conversation throughout. All audience left with a smile asking when Granddad will be back.”
The Pound, Corsham

“The puppetry was excellent, and the variety of characters and puppets was really great fun and enjoyed by audiences.”
Doncaster Theatre

11am only on December 22nd, 28th, 29th, 30th and January 5th, 6th
Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

Lo Fi Funky Space Quest

Calling all intergalactic little humans! If you are full of super human energy and imagination, we need you!

Babyhead Tom and DJ Cheeba are looking for an eager crew of space cadets to help them on their latest mission into the depths of space. Who knows what new surreal planets and bonkers alien species we’ll discover together as we zip around the universe? Strap yourselves in for a sci-fi, super hero, hip-hop, audio-video interactive mash-up – a wild and intensely fun new family show from two meteoric stars of Bristol’s musical universe.

Return To The Unknown is a brand new children’s show created using the imaginations of a team of megatronikal earth children and the intergalactic queen of interactive theatre, Hannah McGavin (Bakehouse Factory). Lo Fi Funky Space Quest is the brain child of Tom Quarrelle (mega-uncle, storyteller and front man for Bristol’s internationally renowned ska/hip-hop super group Babyhead) and Cheeba (the world famous DJ and one of the most progressive audio visual artists around today).

“The best show to ever hit Planet Earth!!”
Captain James T. Kirk

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)


The world in a state of chaos. The grown-ups have clearly made a mess of things and so Kidocracy offers boys and girls a chance to rule instead. They must elect leaders, come up with rules that rock and deal with all sorts of crises because running the world isn’t just all fun, fun, fun, there’s stuff to be done as well…!

A unique and exciting performance for children that shows the importance of participation in a democracy, Kidocracy gives a young audience the chance to learn a little bit about politics and governing while having fun at the same time.

Focusing on various challenges, the audience get to debate (in an entertaining way) the problems the world is facing and how they would deal with it, creating a sense that participation is vital and that everyone’s voice is important. Kidocracy involves all the audience giving children confidence to speak up and hopefully take an interest in what’s going on the world. If nothing else, maybe Kidocracy will inspire enthusiasm in the youngest generation to fix the mistakes of the grown-ups of which there are plenty!

“Brilliant, thought-provoking and laugh out loud funny.”
Time Out

“Kidocracy is a really entertaining, funny kid’s show with loads of great audience participation to keep all ages entertained and laughing. Brehon’s Irish charm engages the children straight away.”
Primary Times

“Funny, interactive, lively, intriguing, democratic.”
Alice, aged 10 (Festmag Junior Reviewer)

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

The Pixies’ Scarf

Inspired by the powerfully evocative tale of The Pixies’ Scarf by Alison Uttely, Soap Soup Theatre present a theatrical treat for children and their families, set in the wet, craggy lands of Dartmoor.

While out picking whortleberries with Grandmother, Dicky Bundle finds a treasure that opens the door to a beautiful, fragile world. It is the world of The Wee Folk. But the moor hears Dicky listening, and watches Dicky looking, and tells the Pixies, who don’t want to share their precious secrets with a human child. Soon Dicky must strike a deal with the Queen of the Pixies, or loose the magical scarf forever.

With deliciously visual story telling, Soap Soup combines beautiful puppetry, charmingly funny characters and magical music, offering audiences their most unforgettable adventure yet!

“A tender and enchanting children’s story.”
The Reviews Hub on The Snow Baby

“A very enjoyable and well-executed piece of theatre that charmed us all.”
Weston Super Mum on The Owl & The Pussycat’s Treasury of Nonsense

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)


“The exceptionally engaged young audience is testament to an engrossing show that is full of compassion and makes siblings of us all.”
★★★★ Guardian

A young boy waits for the birth of his new baby sister, his excitement bubbling over at the thought of a new playmate to race and chase with. He can’t wait to tell her all about the swifts which nest not far from the top window of their pointy house. It’s nearly time, she’s nearly here…

The touching story of a boy meeting his disabled sister for the first time, with stunning puppetry, original live music, animation and physical theatre from the award-winning Tessa Bide. An imaginative retelling of the book by Nicola Davies and Cathy Fisher, opening up the subject of disability for young audiences. Perfect is a remarkable story of anticipation and disappointment, acceptance and love, and the power of nature in all our lives.

“A very special show not to be missed.”
Primary Times on A Strange New Space

“Tessa Bide has a rare talent for accessing the inner vision of a child in such a natural way.”
Manchester’s Finest

“Tessa Bide understands children in a way that can’t be taught.”
Children’s Theatre Reviews

“The perfect example of a show where the adults are just as enthralled as the kids.”
★★★★ A Younger Theatre on The Tap Dancing Mermaid

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)
Photo Credit: Tristram Kenton for the Guardian

Dance Of The Violin

PLAYSHOP: 11am-11.45am | 2.30pm-3.15pm
B.Y.O – BRING YOUR OWN Instruments and we’ll make our own BAND in the Playshop!
SHOW: 12pm | 3.30pm

Once there was a boy called Joshua who loved making a noise, who loved making sounds and his parents would say “Joshua that’s good but could you do something else now please?” Then one day his parents started to hear music and they said “Joshua that’s really good could you play some more please?” And when they saw how much he loved playing the elastic band they bought him a violin!

When Joshua first played the violin a star appeared over his head and he imagined stories of spinning dancers, ferocious bears and ships lost at sea. Then one day Joshua returned home from school very excited… “I need to go to Kalamazoo! Kalama-who? Kalamazoo! There’s a music competition and the winner gets to play with a whole orchestra! Will Joshua make it to Kalamazoo and how will he get on?

Storyteller Michael Loader (trumpet) and multi instrumentalist Martin Solomon (violin, accordion and harp) of Wild Words return to The Wardrobe Theatre (last seen in Glorious Greeks and Beethoven’s 4 Seasons) to tell the true story of a boy who wasn’t frightened of asking for another chance…

Kathy Stinson’s book for families is brought to life in words and music by Wild Words who have built up a reputation for original and innovative storytelling and live music events for families during their seven years of residency at the renowned St George’s in Bristol as well as a host of venues in the south west and further afield, including The Egg in Bath, Wiltshire Music Centre and Birmingham Symphony Hall family events.

Join Michael and Martin for a pre show Playshop of Noise, Sound and Music Making then step on stage for our Bristol’s Got Talent song, dance and music show!

“Thank you once again for such a wonderful event! We were so pleased with the children’s engagement which was, in no small way down to your enthusiasm.”
The Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Running Time: 2 hours (with interval)

Glorious Greeks

PLAYSHOP: 11am-11.45am | 2pm-2.45pm
SHOW: 12pm | 3pm

An awesome adventure of myth and modernity inspired by Ancient Greek classic, The Odyssey. Outwit greedy monsters, escape the savage cyclops, survive the sweet-singing siren sisters (played by the dolls of Barbie) and overcome the sucking and spewing whirlpool to save the day with the cleverest Greek hero of all time — Odysseus (he of wooden horse fame). A Pandora’s Box of storytelling, theatre, song and buffoonery, puppets, props and participation, told by Oddy the great great great (etc) grandson of Odysseus.

Come to the pre show Playshop to make a monster puppet and help create our own brand new Odyssean adventure!

“Rude, witty, gory and silly with a big dollop of artistic licence, the epic tales of Odysseus have never been so alive and kicking!”
St George’s Bristol

“We were all captivated; you have a wonderful way of making everyone feel at ease and getting everyone to be part of the story.”
Highdown Primary School

“Thank you again for such a great show. The children adored it and I think the adults learnt a lot more about Greek mythology!”
Bridport Literary Festival

Performed by Michael Loader who has mixed feelings towards the Ancient Greek classics ever since he played Jason, of the Golden Fleece at junior school with plastic sword and plumed helmet (good news!) but had to kiss Carol Reed who played Medea his wife! (NOT so good!)

Running Time: 2 hours (with interval)

Captain Cauliflower & Marvin The Mischievous Moose

Marvin The Mischievous Moose presents Captain Cauliflower with a mystical magic hat that gives him super powers. We then follow his adventures into outer space and deep under the ocean, saving those in peril, but can he beat his arch nemesis the evil and odorous Onion Man?

Dan Lees and Neil Frost invite you on an adventure that combines clowning, playful games and chaotic fun that’s suitable for all the family.

“Laughter echoed out of the tent and the audience response was fantastic. Dan and Neil are highly skilled, hilarious and simply two of the best clowns around. Kids and adults love them!”
Clown Fest Manchester

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

Nutty Noah

Come along, take a seat, get ready and go nuts with Nutty Noah at this fabulously funny, musical and magical entertainment show. Bringing his own brand of side-splitting nuttiness to The Wardrobe Theatre, Nutty Noah’s award-winning show includes cheeky original songs, crazy juggling and amazing magic. If you ask him nicely, he will even balance a ping pong ball on the end of his nose! Nutty Noah mixes music with humour and plays some very unusual instruments, one of which he invented himself. Nutty Noah is one of the most in-demand family entertainers in the country, which has won him the title king of all things silly!

Grab a seat, hold on tight and have as much fun as your kids. As seen on CBBC’s The Slammer and Britain’s Got Talent, Noah is loved and revered by family audiences for his explosive mix of magic, music and madness!

“The King of all things silly.”
Ben Elton, aged 57

“Kinda good I guess.”
Lara, aged 8

“After seeing Noah, my kids stopped being screen addicts and now play outside all day.”
Kate, aged 39

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)