Mr Gotalot’s Gotalot Shop: The Cheese Party

The magical Mr Gotalot’s Gotalot Shop is open for business… but for how much longer? The evil landlady Ms Barnet is running for Mayor of Bristol – if she wins, she will build a gigantic Cheese Factory, right on top of the Gotalot Shop! Can Sidney the eager shop boy find a suitable candidate to oppose her? Will anyone stand in her way? Or will The Cheese Party destroy the awesome Gotalot Shop… forever??

Join Monkey Trousers Theatre for the long-awaited next instalment of the hugely popular theatrical sitcom for families! With plenty of crazy characters, interactive fun, silly songs, a lot of voting and cheese, this show is sure to entertain the whole family.

WINNER – Hoop Awards 2018: Best Family Entertainment, Bristol

“It was sensational! That rare and beautiful thing when only three people can command a stage and have you in stitches from start to finish. Something for the whole family to enjoy.”
Mumsnet Bristol

“So, so, SO much fun! I’ve been making family theatre for years but these guys have got something really special. It’s bursting with fun and naughtiness!! Ideal for kids aged 3 to 73.”
Marc Parrett, Artistic Director of Fly In A Pie Productions

“Brilliant! A perfect mix of wacky and fun!”
Audience Feedback

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

One Duck Down

A five-star comedy adventure packed with clowning, music and puppetry, and with a set and props made out of recycled rubbish, this eco-friendly show “would make David Attenborough proud” (★★★★ The Reviews Hub).

Our unlikely but lovable hero Billy is prepared to venture to the ends of the earth to win the affections of his sweetheart. Little did he know he’d be set the tremendous task of finding the elusive nautical treasure… Rubber Ducks?! Soon he is swept up on an ocean clear up adventure, spanning from the quaint shores of Pebbleton Village to the icy north pole, from an exotic tropical beach to a floating island made entirely of rubbish.

One Duck Down is an award winning show inspired by a true tale (featured on Blue Planet II) that saw 7000 Rubber Ducks cast adrift in a mighty storm. Jam packed with music, clowning and puppetry; it teaches all ages the importance of looking after our ocean.

“Utterly brilliant in every way.”
★★★★★ West End Wilma

“A heart-warming production.”
★★★★★ Three Weeks

“A real winner and a magical, wholesome family show.”
★★★★★ Edinburgh 49

“A funny family show with a beautiful message.”
★★★★★ The Upper Circle

“Impossible for the whole family not to enjoy.”
★★★★★ The Spy in the Stalls

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

Kneehigh’s The Dancing Frog

Poor Gertrude thinks she’ll never laugh or love again. But then she has a lucky encounter on a lily pad. With a frog. Called George. Suddenly, things are looking bright again! For George isn’t just any frog. He’s a dancing frog. And when Gertrude thrusts this web-footed wonder into the spotlight, he becomes an overnight sensation, the likes of which the world has never seen!

Featuring a team including Old Rope String Band musician and early Kneehigh member Tim Dalling, performer and puppeteer Ailsa Dalling, Cornish performer Jenny Beare, puppeteer extraordinaire Sarah Wright, with puppets created by Lyndie Wright of the Little Angel Theatre, London. Mike Shepherd directs this delightful tale of hope, heart and hip-hoppity adventure based on the classic children’s book by Quentin Blake.

“Kneehigh is as magical as it is powerful. Creating worlds and igniting the imagination of both young and old. Incredibly impressive and important work that I feel so blessed to have seen with my family.”
Kate Winslet

“In true Kneehigh style, the most minimal props set the sceneand just three performers whizzed through space and time, accompanied by the most captivating and charming green frog whose dancing is unrivalled in the puppet world.”
The Bosinver

Image credit: Steve Tanner
Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

‘This Christmas, whatever you do, don’t forget the magic word…!’

What if you uncovered the secret that your grouchy neighbour is actually a wizard whose house is powered entirely by magic? And what if agreeing to feed their cat while they’re away during the Christmas holidays turned into an adventure that threatens to spiral out of control? Would you know how to cope with a vacuum cleaner that has a mind of its own? And just how do you convince those presents to stay
under the tree!?!

Taking their inspiration from Goethe’s poem, two of Bristol’s leading family theatre makers, Soap Soup Theatre (The Selfish Giant, The Snow Baby, The Pixies’ Scarf) and Open Attic Company (Much Ado About Puffin, Stella & The Starshiners, Mistletoes & Whiney), team up for the first time to make this very special family Christmas show. Combining forces to share their passion for intricate puppetry, hilarious characters and sumptuous design on what could be their most magical offering yet: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice!

Join us for a thrilling story about trying to help out, running before you can walk, biting off more than you can chew and how people you know might not always be quite what they seem!

“A beautiful show that will appeal across generations.”
★★★★ A Spy In The Stalls on Soap Soup Theatre and Tessa Bide Production’s The Selfish Giant

“A tender and enchanting children’s story, featuring a host of loveable characters.”
The Reviews Hub on Soap Soup Theatre’s The Snow Baby

“A very enjoyable and well-executed piece of theatre that charmed us all.”
Weston Super Mum on Soap Soup Theatre’s The Owl & The Pussycat’s Treasury of Nonsense

“A story of beauty, laughter and love that transcends language and age barriers.”
Made In Plymouth on Much Ado About Puffin

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

Woodland Tales With Granddad

Something is happening in the woods, voices can be heard, and a strange metallic smell fills the air. Machines are gathering at its edge and a mysterious call is heard across the valley. Laura the ladybird, Jeffrey the spider, Brett the woodlouse and Willoughby the woodpecker are worried. Velda the vixen knows there’s only one person who can help them – Granddad. But is there enough time? Can they save the wood? And will the mystery stranger help?

This is an incredible show with an important environmental message to share, directed by Emma William and written by Pickled Image and Hattie Naylor. Woodland Tales With Granddad is the third Granddad show from Pickled Image following Fireside Tales With Granddad and Christmas Tales With Granddad.

“We thought it was simply superb! A beautiful experience of wonderful storytelling.”
Theatre Royal Plymouth

“Magical, beguiling, emotional and eye-wideningly beautiful.”
Bristol 24/7 on Pickled Image’s Yana & The Yeti

“Skilful puppetry and charming story-telling.”
The Stage on Pickled Image

“The puppetry was excellent, and the variety of characters and puppets was really great fun and enjoyed by audiences.”
Doncaster Theatre

Running Time: 50 minutes (no interval)

How Does This Politics Thing Work Then?

Politics is boring. Politics is complicated. Politics is for adults… Rubbish! Politics is actually super important and can be made really fun, if you know how. Luckily Tatton Spiller (Simple Politics) and Tiernan Douieb (Comedy Club 4 Kids, CBBC’s The Slammer) know exactly how and will show you over 60 minutes just how to make sense of it all.

You might not be able to vote yet. You do have opinions, though. You know the world you want to see. You know what’s right and what’s wrong. Also, you want to have a fun. Comedy Club 4 Kids specialise in making children laugh and Simple Politics specialise in making them understand how politics works in a clear, informative and fun way. So we’ve teamed up for a show that keeps you entertained, engaged and informed so you can also shout at the telly along with your parents during Question Time!

“The ethos is just right.”
★★★★ The Telegraph on Comedy Club 4 Kids

“The perfect way to entertain the whole family.”
Three Weeks on Comedy Club 4 Kids

“Excellent show – we loved it. Kids and parents engaged and laughing out loud.”
Audience Feedback

“I thought politics was boring but that made sense and made me laugh a lot.”
Audience Feedback

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

The Bird Show

With frolics and foraging, flitting, flying and two unusual feathery friends, this is a madcap and touching show about birds facing changes to their habitat. The Bird Show uses live music, puppetry and lots more silly bird puns in this heart- fluttering physical comedy about conservation, migration and imagination.

We follow Henry the Heron and Sally the House Sparrow on a zany journey to become friends while facing ecological threats to their habitat. This colourful, visual show uses music, object puppetry, dance and low-fi acrobatics to gently explore the impact of humans on nature and asks the question – what can we do differently?

Written by award-winning playwright Tiffany Woodsmith, directed by international director Susana Alcantud, with designer Bronia Housman and original music by Catherine Burke.

“The energy and commitment of the company is infectious. This is unique small scale theatre with a great heart.”
Theatre Bath

“A fun-filled family show!”
Air in G on What’s The Matter?

“Entertaining and enlightening.”
StageTalk on What’s The Matter?

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

Luna: a play about the Moon

We are entranced by the Moon. It controls our tides, marks our time, and has inspired countless stories, myths, songs, and poems. And in July 1969, we walked on its surface.

Featuring astronauts, lovelorn science teachers, werewolves, and a special guest appearance by the Moon itself, supported by a talented cast of household objects, Luna is a rich feast of storytelling, music, history and science, celebrating this fascination with our oldest friend.

“A must see for children of all ages – even the big, grown-up ones.”
Time Out on Toby Hulse’s One Small Step

“Boisterous magic.”
The Guardian on Toby Hulse’s The Lost World

“Wonderful… More people must see this!”
Explorer Dome

“A wonderful balance of art, science, literature, music and storytelling. You have given us so much to think about!”
Audience Feedback

“Great fun for adults and children. We all learnt something!”
Audience Feedback

Supported by Arts Council England
Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

Sinbad The Sailor

PLAYSHOP: 10.45am-11.20am | 2.30pm-3.10pm
Swim like a whale, swing like a monkey, squawk like a parakeet and learn a dance to perform in the show. Come dressed in your finest Arabian Nights’ inspired cloth!

SHOW: 11.45pm | 3.30pm

Jump on board an ancient sewn ship, hoist the mainsail and journey across the Arabian Sea to destinations unknown for adventure after adventure with one of the most famous seafarers of all time… Sindbad the Tailor oops! Sindbad the Emailor errgh…? Sindbad the SAILOR! Ahh!

Join his reckless crew to escape from the spew and spit of a spuming whale, marvel at bejeweled somersaulting sheep, confront the dangers of banana propelling monkeys and help solve the moral dilemma of the watermelon headed man! Featuring live Arabic dance… hair dryers, hoovers and hoummus as extras!

So Salam ‘alaykum, greetings of Peace to you from Sindbad the Sailor – may your beards grow bushy, your baked beans prosper and your Brexit plans be forgiven and bare fruit for all… In’sha’llh.

Brought to you by Wild Words with storyteller/performer Michael Loader and dancer Natalie Bibi (Club Cairo).

“Michael clearly has storytelling in his soul and his love of people and engaging the audience in the story is abundantly apparent.”
Treefest National Arboretum

“Best show ever, I now have a stitch from laughing!”
Machynllech Comedy Fest

“I come from Baghdad in Iraq and would like you thank you for representing my people and my country so well.”
Machynllech Comedy Fest

“His stories are full of drama, side-splitting humour and straightforward narrative. His positivity is infectious. Highly recommended!”
Hand to Mouth Theatre

Running Time: 2 hours (with interval)

I’m Bitter About Glitter

Liz and Felix take you on awe-inspiring journey into their fantastical world – where they unite to battle the Beigester (think patriarchy, in beige) who threatens to invade their world of sparkle and choice. Join this mother and son duo as they travel to distant lands, meet magical beings and learn so much about themselves on the way. Who will triumph in the Battle of the Beige?

A show for anyone who has ever been small with big questions & a big imagination, or whose family doesn’t quite fit inside the box.

The performance is family friendly and will be a relaxed showing, so babies and youngsters warmly welcomed.

I’m Bitter About Glitter Family Workshop: 1.30-3pm
Join us in this anarchic workshop with your family; and Banish the Beigester (or smash the patriarchy)! Together we will create magical lands, and think big thoughts about Identity, feeling different and being your fabulous self… with the help of props, found poetry and most importantly – your ideas. The workshop is designed for families to participate in together, to share the fun,share experiences and have big conversations.. Suitable for ages 8+ and children must be accompanied by an adult.

“It’s a joy to watch this mother and son’s relationship on stage.”
Audience Feedback

“It was magical.”
Audience Feeback (aged 8)

Running Time:
Show – 40 mins (no interval)
Workshop – 90 mins