The Goldilock, Stock Social Club

Goldilock, Stock & Three Smoking Bears is going to Edinburgh Fringe 2017 but we need your help to get there!

Join Goldilock, Harry, Barry and Vinnie plus all your favourite characters from The Wardrobe Theatre’s hit alternative comedy show for an unmissable night of entertainment and laughter, soundtracked by our house band.

Don’t miss this stellar line-up of Bristol acts including:
Tom Marshman
Closer Each Day Company
Ellie Showering & Rozie Jackson
Angus Barr
Sugarscratch Theatre
Bertie Boulevard
Ed Rapley
The Goldilock, Stock Social Club House Band
and many, many more!!!

Performed at The Redgrave Theatre

Percival Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 3LE


Bar Wotever Bristol

‘When we are on stage we are more true and honest with ourselves and our desires than we can be outside the safe space of stage for our performance… ‘

It’s Show, It’s Drag and It’s Gender Politics. It’s creating a space for a few hours for all of us, on stage, and off stage. We take space and we make Noise! Respect and welcome to one and all. No matter what identity, or multiple identities any person may have or choose, Wotever welcomes them. This includes, but certainly is not exclusive to: drag kings, queers, women, mtf, femmes, trans, butches, queerbois, gay, drag queens, dykes, bisexuals, ftm, men, straight….. Wotever etc. All will respect all. We are proud to bring parts of this weekly event in London to Bristol and we and Wotever look forward to meeting you all!

“Erasing all boundaries and stereotypes from the blackboard this innovative night featured a wealth of the smartest, sexiest and most unique performers who encourage different ways of gender expressions.”
QX Mag

“Ultra-chilled, ultra-welcoming queer performance mixer with a gloriously eclectic line-up and crowd. The vibe is supportive, exploratory and occasionally rough around the edges.”
Time Out Cabaret London

After show – audience is welcome to chat with eachother and the cast.

These three nights will vary. Ethos the same all three nights, but acts and shows will be different! Same but Different!
(Line up TBC)

To get the “all three nights for £18” deal please book over the phone (0117 902 0344) or on the door on the day.

Interval Takeover

PWYDOver two days Interval are setting up camp in Old Market where they’ll be filling corners and corridors with performance, dancing on the roof terrace, falling down the stairways and bursting out of the theatre and into the bar! Expect to experience diverse styles of work that Interval artists make including brand new shows, finished shows, not-quite-finished ones and some specially made performances for the building. Come and join a celebration of the work that Interval have made in Bristol over the last year and be part of the conversation about what a collective can be!

All shows are Pay What You Decide – there is not a ticket reservation system, instead it’s good old fashioned first-come, first-served. You may see an hour long performance, then have a five minute encounter in a corner, followed by some music. We think that might cost around £15 normally so bring your curiosity, yourselves and cash for the bucket!

WHAT’S ON – Friday 4th November

6.45pm – Opening Welcome

7pm – Fill in the ___ by Katherine Hall (in The Wardrobe Theatre | age 13+)
An interactive dance lecture that explores relationships with time to find a sense of what makes us tick.

8.15pm – Invisible Guest by Howl Yuan (in The Wardrobe Theatre)
He changed his English name several times… Invisible Guest told about how identity transform during cultures, which contains crossing culture, lost identity, nationalism and mobility.

9.00pm – Kat-e-oke by Viki Browne (on the Old Market Assembly’s stage)
Viki is scared of everything. Viki is a scaredy cat. Join her in Kat-e-oke to embrace your inner scaredy cat.

9.30pm – The Distortion Trilogy: Part Two by Massive Owl (in The Wardrobe Theatre)
A work-in-progress of the second part of the company’s Distortion Trilogy – a distortion of the novel ‘Dance Dance Dance’ by Haruki Murakami via the medium of music videos.

From 10pm – Poultry In Motion by Mary Eddowes (on the Old Market Assembly’s stage)
A divaliscious chicken plucks herself, bastes herself and gets in her very own baking tray ready for a jolly good roasting. Expect singing, burleqsue and comedy in this odd egg of an act.

From 10pm – Truth Or Dare (in the Old Market Assembly’s bar)
A one-on-one performance by Viki Browne. Are you brave enough to play?

From 10pm – Big In Lights (on the Old Market Assembly’s stage)
We have invited electro powerhouse Big In Lights to whip up the dance floor. ‘like somebody has cryogenically frozen Quincy Jones and then forced him to mate with Prince in the future’. Followed by DJs.

WHAT’S ON – Saturday 5th November

All Day – Hannover Lines a film screening of by Alexander Stevenson (in the Old Market Assembly’s bar)
Physical performance exploring Hanver Line abberation on PAL testcards, shot on SVHS video.

11.30am – Thick Skinned by Mike Tew (in The Wardrobe Theatre)
Inspired by parallel worlds, cash cows, birds of paradise and the notion of false endings
(The Wardrobe Theatre)

12pm – OPEN Monthly Meeting
Interval meet every month to talk through the mundane, the ambitious and the difficult. As a collective, this as the heart of how they make decisions, share skill and knowledge. Join Interval for the first ever OPEN meeting.
(The Wardrobe Theatre)

2pm – The Weirdy Beardies Groom Saloon (in the Old Market Assembly’s bar | all ages)
A playful and unusual act – combining dance, comedy and audience interaction into one hairy roaming performance. A highly skilled troupe of Beardies bring their unique brand of furry mayhem to everyday public spaces. Come and visit the Weridy Beardies for a spot of beard design, decoration and dancing.

2.15pm – Voyage To The Skies by Tom McDonagh (in The Wardrobe Theatre | all ages)
A silence comedy shadow play about an experimental hydrogen balloon.

3pm – Buoy Up by Katherine Hall (in The Wardrobe Theatre)
An early iteration of a solo dance performance exploring practices of care and maintenance.

4pm – Tremolo Theatre with Jack Drewry (in The Wardrobe Theatre)

4.30 – I’ll Sing From Where I’m Sitting by Hannah Sullivan (in The Wardrobe Theatre)
A scratch of new work inspired by research into songs and singing or a collection of songs and text from the great tradition of lyrical presence.

5pm – The Mechanical And Chemical Processes of 16mm a screening by Alexander Stevenson (in the Old Market Assembly’s bar)
A dance film on and about 16mm film.

5pm – Programme Announcement by Archibald Tactful (on the Old Market Assembly’s stage)
Past-it architect, concrete poetry enthusiast, ‘every-man’, dad dancer and drag superstar Archie will be assuming the role of MC. Be afraid.

5.30pm – Nap Glasses by Kathleen Downie (in The Wardrobe Theatre)
Work-in-progress/extract. Solo involving movement and voice. Initially developed in response to a pair of Sakura Nap Glasses, which once belonged to my grandmother. They are a piece of old fashioned technology, designed for reading in bed.

6pm – Especially For You by Jack Drewry (in a secret location)
One-on-one performance to have a song made especially for you.

6pm – Fireside Singing Session (on the Old Market Assembly’s roof terrace)

6pm – Island Of Toys by Howl Yuan (in the Old Market Assembly’s snug)
Island of Toys reflects ideology, alienation and texture of globalization and capitalization by toys; the native, playful object.

7.15pm – The Gran Show by Viki Browne (in The Wardrobe Theatre)
My Gran died in December 2014, I’m making a show about it. It’s a eulogy. It’s a tribute.

9pm – Echo Beach by Hannah Sullivan (in The Wardrobe Theatre)
Hannah has a dance collection. It is a collection she has been gathering for a while and she calls it ‘dancing like everyone I know’.

From 10pm: F*ck The House Band (in The Wardrobe Theatre)
A participatory punk relay gig. Anyone can be in the band. No covers. No rehearsals.

From 10pm – Poultry In Motion by Mary Eddowes (on the Old Market Assembly’s stage)
A divaliscious chicken plucks herself, bastes herself and gets in her very own baking tray ready for a jolly good roasting. Expect singing, burleqsue and comedy in this odd egg of an act.

From 10pm – Live Music TBC
Followed by DJ Shirazi’s funk/soul/pot luck, two-stepping and knees a-bending tracks, strictly vinyl.

Late – Fireworks!

You will usually find Interval performing across the UK and the world or in their shared studio above St Nicholas Market. Interval is currently made of Jo Hellier, Hannah Sullivan, Kathleen Downie, Rachael Clerke, Jenny Duffy, Alice Tatton Brown, Linzy Na Nakorn, Danny Prosser, Mary Eddowes, Tom McDonagh, Jack Drewry, Mike Tew, Alexander Stevenson, Katherine Hall, Howl Yuan and Viki Browne. They all live in Bristol and show their art locally, nationally and internationally.