Sunday Club: Phil Jerrod & Guests

Phil Jerrod began his stand-up career underneath an Angus Steakhouse in 2012. Since then he has failed his PhD, walked out of his job in publishing and been entertaining audiences up and down the country with his elegant rants on the often unfathomable problems of modern life.

Winner – Leicester Comedy Festival Awards Best Debut Show

“A comic whose instinctive mastery of his form immediately marks him out as one to watch.”
★★★★ The Guardian

“A very funny hour of stand-up from a bearded man.”
★★★★ Broadway Baby

“A clever comedic talent full of passionate rants about the monotony of daily life fused with razor sharp timing.”
★★★★ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

Running Time: 2 hours (with interval)

Sunday Club: Wil Hodgson & Guests

Chippenham’s finest and Chuckle Busters favourite Wil Hodgson has established himself as an original and unique voice in comedy. A former professional wrestler, spinning hilarious and memorable yarns of bizarre West Country rednecks, care bears and big women, Wil is truly in a category all of his own.

Winner – Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Newcomer

“Total, soul-baring honesty.”
★★★★★ The Guardian

“His ideas are inventive and invested with a beautiful turn of phrase.”
★★★★ Chortle

“A solid, funny hour.”
★★★★ The Skinny

“Fans of true alternative comedy would be wise to experience this incredible storyteller.”
★★★★ British Comedy Guide

Running Time: 2 hours (with interval)

Sunday Club: Faye Treacy & Guests

After getting kicked out of her convent school for putting the convent on eBay, Faye Treacy attended the Brit School of Performing Arts then went onto to study trombone at the Royal Academy of Music. Shortly after embarking on a career in trombone-based comedy, Faye won Best Newcomer at the 2015 Musical Comedy Awards and has since gone on to perform at venues including The Stand, The Glee Club and the Utrecht International Comedy Festival. Her musical career highlights include having been the resident trombonist for the Chris Moyle’s Quiz Night on Channel 4, as well as playing for The Selector, The Maccabees, Rod Stewart, Hackney Colliery Brass Band and The London Vegetable Orchestra.

2019 saw Faye join Bauer’s new classical music station, Scala Radio where she presents the weekend evening slots.

Listed in Top Jokes of the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe – Evening Standard, The Mirror, The Daily Record

“Simultaneously childish, genius and inescapably memorable… one of the most unique performances you’ll see in the Fringe this year.” ★★★★½ Shortcom

Running Time: 2 hours (with interval)

Scream Phone

It’s 1989, the girls are having a sleepover and you’re like, totally invited! Pillow fights in their underwear, singing into hair brushes, and gossiping about their crushes, what could possibly go wrong? As long as they don’t answer the over-sized pink phone… dun dun DUUUN! Based on the retro classic game Dream Phone, Scream Phone will take you on a killer journey back to the 80’s with an infectious original* soundtrack.

*Disclaimer: These songs are all original, so you won’t (well, you might) recognise some of your favourite 80’s hits.

“A show that won’t just tickle and tantalise, it’s an absolute thrilling treat.”
★★★★★ North West End

“This spoof horror musical will have you in fits of laughter, on the edge of your seat and in admiration throughout.”
★★★★★ Three Weeks

“This trio can rightfully lay claim to the camp musical comedy crown at the [Edinburgh] fringe this year.”
★★★★ The Stage

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

Sunday Club: Lloyd Langford & Guests

Lloyd Langford is a stand-up comedian, writer and an actor of incredibly limited range. You may have seen him on Q.I (BBC1) or Never Mind The Buzzcocks (BBC2) or heard him on The Rhod Gilbert Show (BBC Radio Wales) or The Unbelievable Truth (BBC Radio 4).

He’s been invited to comedy festivals all over the world, including Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival and the Christchurch Busker’s Festival.

His stand up is a winning combination of jokes, personal anecdotes, petty grievances and offbeat observations.

“A collection of absolutely top-class standalone jokes.”
The Guardian

“Brilliant, charming, understated.”
The Independent

“Just the right level of Welshness.”
The Mirror

Running Time: 2 hours (with interval)

Bristol Improv Marathon 2020: When In Rome (XXVI Hours BC)


Now in its sixth year, Closer Each Day Company in association with Bristol Improv Theatre and The Wardrobe Theatre presents Bristol Improv Marathon! For a staggering 26 hours a team of intrepid performers will create an entirely improvised, entirely unscripted play using nothing but their skill, imagination and a hefty dose of caffeine. The show brings together performers from all across the city and includes stars of hit shows such as Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera and Murder, She Didn’t Write by Degrees of Error!

It is the age of empires and emperors, and the western world revolves and converges on one thriving metropolis: Rome. The Forum hums with the plots and machinations of power-hungry Senators and their hand-wringing advisors, while the marketplace buzzes and jostles with wealthy merchants and struggling farmers. To the East, the still-warm sand of the Colosseum is splattered with the blood of heroic gladiators, as the jeers and cries of the masses echo from pillar to pit. The city streets are a medley of shrines and gutters, Roman legionnaires on leave spilling out of every taverna, while aspiring poets sing their songs for pennies on every corner. Meanwhile on the Palatine Hill, the lofty vestal virgins perform their sacred rites to protect the city walls. Home to plebeians, politicians, scholars and soldiers, Rome is the original toga party – and everyone’s invited.

“An impressive display of the actors sheer stamina and creativity. It was extremely entertaining to watch.”
Stage Talk Magazine

“Carrying the flag of improvised theatre with talent and verve.”
Bristol Theatre Review

Performed at Bristol Improv Theatre

50 St Paul’s Rd, Bristol, BS8 1LP


When In Rome – Bristol Improv Theatre: 13-14 March 2020
Channel 26 (Hours) – Bristol Improv Theatre:
15-16 March 2019
Pirates of The Severn Seas – Bristol Improv Theatre:
16-17 March 2018
Check Out Time At The Grand Hotel – Bristol Improv Theatre: 24-25 March 2017
Ride On Time – Bristol Improv Theatre: 11-12 March 2016
Time Busters – Bristol Improv Theatre: 13-14 March 2015

Painting By Numbers

Three inadequate painters challenge themselves to each create their own masterpiece. A good idea, it seems. Once and for all they would prove to their compatriots that their own method of painting is best. But soon, the cracks start to show, and paint begins to spill. In their efforts to win their latest conquest (through ANY means necessary), it seems this time, it’s not just about painting. This time, it’s personal, and they will tear their work, the stage, and each other apart… with disastrous (and hilarious) consequences.

Prepare yourself for exhilarating paint fights, riotous dance routines and unforgettable high stakes LIVE painting!

“Fast, frantic… and outrageously funny.”
★★★★★ TheatreLab

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

Adam Hess: My Grandad Has a Fringe

As seen on Tonight at the Palladium (ITV), Stand Up Central (Comedy Central) and Live from the BBC, Adam Hess is one of the UK’s hottest comedy talents.

Prepare to laugh for an hour and not think once as Hess brings to you his award-winning show (Theatre Weekly’s Best Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Show) and see the comedian who critics regularly describe as having “more laughs per minute than any other act” (Skinny).

One of his jokes is about the face you pull when the person opposite you on the train accidentally touches your leg. Great stuff.

“Adam Hess is one of those comedians you feel like could just walk on stage completely unprepared and absolutely kill for the whole hour.”
★★★★ Theatre Weekly

“For high quality gags per minute there is no better comedian on the Fringe.”
★★★★ Independent

“A breathless race through some of the Fringe’s strongest punchlines.”
★★★★ Skinny

“Relentlessly entertaining, full of beautiful imagery.”
★★★★ Time Out

“One of the most out and out hilarious shows on the Fringe.”
★★★★1/2 Chortle

“I’ve seen few shows that are funnier.”
★★★★ The Times

Running Time: 2 hours (plus interval)

Bec Hill: Out Of Order

A rare chance to catch this cult comedy favourite and online viral sensation LIVE! Bec Hill is excited to present her funniest, silliest, 5-starriest show, “Out of Order”. She’ll provide the jokes, YOU provide the order. Get ready for standup, pop-ups and post-its from the award-winning Australian comedian (and contender for your new best friend).

“Sitting through a whole Bec Hill show is a joyous adventure that will provide you with laughs and lasting memories.”
★★★★★ Broadway Baby

“Hill is a multi-coloured ray of eternal sunshine. In a world of pain and darkness, her total lack of cynicism is refreshing.”
★★★★ The Scotsman

“Hill serves up a delightful menu of comic genres.”
★★★★★ Daily Business Magazine

Stuart Goldsmith: End Of (DVD Recording)

Stu’s back with a comic odyssey on how it works out in the end, and whether anyone cares. Intelligent stand-up comedy for everybody, but of particular interest to people over thirty who’ve lost touch with all their old friends and can’t eat just the one pain au chocolat. Featuring ultimates, absolutes and surprisingly few conclusions.

Host of The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast (10 million downloads). As seen on As Yet Untitled (Dave) and Russell Howard’s Stand Up Central (Comedy Central)

★★★★★ The Independent

“Truly a comedy masterclass… Endlessly inventive.”
★★★★ The List

“Yet further evidence of Goldsmith’s enormous talent and indisputable mastery of the genre.”
★★★★ The Wee Review

“Expert, charming stand-up.”
The Sunday Times

“A master of the form.”
The Independent

This performance is being recorded. By attending this performance you consent to your image potentially being used in all future broadcasts of the material across all platforms.
Running Time: 2 hours (with interval)