The Bird Show

With frolics and foraging, flitting, flying and two unusual feathery friends, this is a madcap and touching show about birds facing changes to their habitat. The Bird Show uses live music, puppetry and lots more silly bird puns in this heart- fluttering physical comedy about conservation, migration and imagination.

We follow Henry the Heron and Sally the House Sparrow on a zany journey to become friends while facing ecological threats to their habitat. This colourful, visual show uses music, object puppetry, dance and low-fi acrobatics to gently explore the impact of humans on nature and asks the question – what can we do differently?

Written by award-winning playwright Tiffany Woodsmith, directed by international director Susana Alcantud, with designer Bronia Housman and original music by Catherine Burke.

“The energy and commitment of the company is infectious. This is unique small scale theatre with a great heart.”
Theatre Bath

“A fun-filled family show!”
Air in G on What’s The Matter?

“Entertaining and enlightening.”
StageTalk on What’s The Matter?

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)


For as long as we have turned our eyes to the sky we have been entranced by the moon. It controls our tides, stabilises our orbit, marks our time. And on July 20th 1969 two humans finally landed on its surface.

Luna is a joyous adventure through humanity’s ongoing fascination with this mysterious lump of dead grey rock, from our earliest attempts to explain its ever-changing presence, to the extraordinary achievements that culminated in Neil Armstrong’s one small step. Playing at The Wardrobe Theatre exactly 50 years to the day since the first moon landing, Luna is a rich feast of storytelling, puppetry, music, history and science.

Directed by Toby Hulse, performed by Shaelee Rooke and Robin Hemmings, plus a supporting cast of household objects and domestic lights.

“A must see for children of all ages – even the big, grown-up ones.”
Time Out on Hulse’s One Small Step

“Boisterous magic.”
The Guardian on Hulse’s The Lost World

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

Story Slam Presents: Lightning Round

For those who have been to our main show before, you will know that between hearing live stories told up on stage, we also hear short anonymous stories written by the audience and read out by the host. These short anonymous stories are often so funny, touching, sad, thought provoking, original and exciting, that we thought we would try dedicating a whole show to them.

Come join us on March 31st to share your anonymous stories with a live audience. Have you got a hilarious short story you wouldn’t be confident enough to say on stage? Maybe something that you just want to get off your chest? Or something you just want to share? Perhaps you’ve got a question for the host, or the audience, or just need some advice? Come put your anonymous few lines in the hat and see what comes out..

This is an experimental show, so expect a quicker, shorter and more chaotic atmospheres then at our normal shows. The entire show will be made up of anonymous snippets written by the audience. Please bear in mind that Story Slam shows are completely live and unscripted so we are never quite sure what we are going to hear.

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

Jonathan Kay: Know One’s Fool

Only a fool could conjure up so rich and absurd a world from thin air and exit the theatre with the audience as part of the show. All rules are thrown aside and no two shows are ever the same. A show absolutely like no other you will ever see, The Know One’s Fool Showalk is an open door to the imagination.

Jonathan Kay’s shows are interactive, playful, shocking, reality bending, challenging and extremely funny. It’s improvisation at its most confounding, poignant and humorous where all notion of audience and performer gets tipped upon it’s head, and a conversation between audience and The Fool leads to a journey through both the mundane and the sublime.

“Not stand-up, but this new latest one-man show is from a performer and teacher about the fool who could well have an influence on stand-up in the future… Highly recommended for anyone out for something different.”
Time Out

“Making them laugh at themselves to understand themselves. It is what a good fool is supposed to do… Wickedly funny and completely unpredictable.”
The Guardian

“Quite unlike anything I have seen before. I have never been challenged so much in the theatre. Kay is a master of his art.”
The Irish Times

“In this brilliant and entirely improvised one-man show he leaves the audience dizzy.”
The Independent

Jonathan Kay is a 21 st century Fool. He is recognised as a leading performer in the ‘Theatre of Immediacy’ of Fooling and is a highly respected practitioner and teacher of Fooling workshops. He is the founder of the largest street theatre festival in the UK, The Hat Fair, and is an Honorary Fellow of The University of Winchester. He has performed and taught in Canada, the USA, Australia, South Korea and Jordan and extensively throughout Europe and the UK, including time at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the National Theatre in London.

Running Time: 90 minutes (no interval)

Sinbad The Sailor

PLAYSHOP: 10.45am-11.20am | 2.30pm-3.10pm
Swim like a whale, swing like a monkey, squawk like a parakeet and learn a dance to perform in the show. Come dressed in your finest Arabian Nights’ inspired cloth!

SHOW: 11.45pm | 3.30pm

Jump on board an ancient sewn ship, hoist the mainsail and journey across the Arabian Sea to destinations unknown for adventure after adventure with one of the most famous seafarers of all time… Sindbad the Tailor oops! Sindbad the Emailor errgh…? Sindbad the SAILOR! Ahh!

Join his reckless crew to escape from the spew and spit of a spuming whale, marvel at bejeweled somersaulting sheep, confront the dangers of banana propelling monkeys and help solve the moral dilemma of the watermelon headed man! Featuring live Arabic dance… hair dryers, hoovers and hoummus as extras!

So Salam ‘alaykum, greetings of Peace to you from Sindbad the Sailor – may your beards grow bushy, your baked beans prosper and your Brexit plans be forgiven and bare fruit for all… In’sha’llh.

Brought to you by Wild Words with storyteller/performer Michael Loader and dancer Natalie Bibi (Club Cairo).

“Michael clearly has storytelling in his soul and his love of people and engaging the audience in the story is abundantly apparent.”
Treefest National Arboretum

“Best show ever, I now have a stitch from laughing!”
Machynllech Comedy Fest

“I come from Baghdad in Iraq and would like you thank you for representing my people and my country so well.”
Machynllech Comedy Fest

“His stories are full of drama, side-splitting humour and straightforward narrative. His positivity is infectious. Highly recommended!”
Hand to Mouth Theatre

Running Time: 2 hours (with interval)

Blahblahblah & Milk Poetry: Rainbow Milk

After the incredible sold-out success of last year at The Room Above, Rainbow Milk returns to kick off Bristol Pride with style!

A multicoloured queer edition of one of Bristol’s leading poetry nights, presented in collaboration with Bristol Pride. Showcasing the very best, fresh and calcium enriched poetry from around the UK featuring a handpicked selection of some of the most exciting and eclectic LGBTQ+ voices.

Lovingly curated by Milk Poetry and Blahblahblah and hosted by Tom Denbigh. In turns touching, funny, rallying and empowering, Rainbow Milk is a celebration of queer identities and lives.

“A buzzing atmosphere and a wonderful night for all!”
Bristol Pride

Running Time: 2 hours (with interval)

Blahblahblah & Milk Poetry: And Here’s Your Host

A rare chance to see proper poetry sets from the hosts of Blah and Milk, Anna Freeman, Malaika Kegode and Beth Calverley.

Anna Freeman is the (cynical, funny) host of Blahblahblah. She’s also a novelist, creative writing lecturer at Bath Spa University, the host of Radio 4’s Sketches and a multiple slam winning poet. Malaika Kegode’s work is beautiful and deeply personal. She’s the former host of Exeter’s Spokes Amaze, the founder and host of Bristol’s Milk Poetry, the author of Requite, published by Burning Eye Books, and has worked with BBC 1Xtra and the Roundhouse. Beth Calverley writes moving, uplifting word magic. She’s one of the hosts of Milk Poetry, the chief operator of poetry-on-demand event The Poetry Machine and was the inaugural Gloucester Regional Roundhouse Slam winner.

And feature sets from two brilliant poets who are also known to do a spot of hosting, Chris White and Deanna Rodger. Deanna Rodger’s work is full of astute observation and brilliantly delivered. Featured as one of ELLE UK magazine’s “30 Inspirational Women Under 30”, she is a former UK Poetry Slam Champion and one of the hosts of London’s Chill Pill. Chris White is the (hilarious, super-smart) current Exeter Slam Champion, an associate artist of Theatre Royal Plymouth and the host of Exeter’s Spork! Poetry nights.

Running Time: 2 hours (with interval)

Ear Trumpet Folk Club: Stanlæy (plus Alfi)

Ear Trumpet Folk Club: Regular intimate, sit-down gigs with some of the greatest musicians from around the globe.

Stanlæy is the musical moniker of Bristol based singer, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Bethany Stenning, performing her original compositions live with Ben Holyoake (bass), Oliver Cocup (drums/percussion) and Naomi Hill (violin). The music of Stanlæy has been influenced by a diverse genre pool of folk/jazz and cosmic atmospheres, and has been compared to artists such as Kate Bush, The Dirty Projectors and Sigur Ros.

Their live show is a masterful collaboration, marrying pop, classical, experimental rock and folk. The sound is tied together in polyphony, with crafted violin parts weaving between Bethany’s ethereal vocals and the electric guitar.

Stanlæy’s complex and intricate recordings are entirely composed, arranged and recorded by Bethany Stenning. The Human Project, her audio-visual album is due to be released May 2019.

“Unique and distinct.”
Folk Radio UK

Alfi are a fresh new trio combining American old time and traditional Irish music and song to produce a unique and tasteful sound. Alfi features an unusual line-up of harp, five-string banjo, uilleann pipes, whistles and vocals. The trio have performed at many established venues and festivals, including Body&Soul, Knockanstockan and Whelan’s, and have recently returned from touring America. In November, Alfi won the prestigious ‘Molloy Award’ competition at the ‘Trip to Birmingham Tradfest’, a competition for young, up and coming bands. They will have their own slot at the Trip to Birmingham Tradfest 2019 as a result. At the moment, Alfi are busy recording their debut EP, due for release in May 2019.

Running Time: 2 hours (with interval)

Bristol Pride Present: The Scandalous Love of Oscar Wilde

Check out the rest of the Bristol Pride theatre line-up:
10th July (7.30pm) – Riot Act
10th July (9pm) – Murder, He Didn’t Write

It is the 6th of April 1895 and Oscar Wilde waits alone at the Cadogan Hotel. He is awaiting a knock on the door that will bring an arrest warrant with charges of Gross Indecency against him.

We are excited to team up with Tic Tac Toe Theatre Company to present this superb one man play, which allows Oscar the freedom to talk openly about his relationships with men, the failing relationship with his wife and of course his enduring love for the destructive but beautiful Lord Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas.

This tour-de-force performance is immersive, thought provoking and revealing. Bosie once said to Oscar that when he was not on his pedestal he was boring, in this show Oscar may well stumble from his pedestal but he could never be called boring.

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

I’m Bitter About Glitter

This performance for family audiences collides extravagant fantasy and the daily reality of mother and child making art together; figuring big stuff out together with a healthy dose of glitter.

The duo delve deftly into tricky questions of gender binaries, identity and social pressures to conform; questioning along the way accepted norms around motherhood, children and the family. A must for anyone who has ever been small with big questions, a big imagination and whose family doesn’t quite fit inside the box.

Most suited for 8+ but all ages welcome

I’m Bitter About Glitter Workshop
1.30pm-3pm (spaces limited)
Join Liz, Felix and our fantastic workshop facilitators after the show for a hands-on session exploring the themes of I’m Bitter About Glitter. Together we will create magical lands, and think big thoughts; with the help of props, found poetry, conversation and most importantly – your ideas. The workshop is designed for families to participate in together, to share the fun and share experiences. Places are limited and are most suitable for ages 8+. Children must be accompanied by an adult

Running Time:
Show – 40 mins (no interval)
Workshop – 90 mins