Lo-Fi Funky Space Quest


Lo-Fi Funky Space Quest by Little Tom (Babyhead) and DJ Cheeba is a family show combining cutting edge audio visual technology, turntables, cheap special FX and good old fashioned storytelling! A cosmic adventure full of space cadet kids, cameos from Kid Carpet and Bass6, scratch-battles with alien bounty hunters, beat-boxing princesses, a trunk of G-funk, scary game show hosts and an evil multi media mogul hell bent on monetising imagination.

The year is 2035. Little Tom and DJ Cheeba are the biggest hip hop stars in the galaxy. Whilst on a tour through the Milkyway, their spaceship crash lands on planet earth only to find its inhabitants under the control of Kommander Krumble’s flatscreendayjobzombievirus. All creative activity is illegal. Our heroes must enlist the audience’s help on a space quest to make a song so funky it breaks the spell and releases the planet from Kommader Krumbles clutches.

DJ Cheeba is hailed as one of the most progressive audio visual artists around today and has found an audience world wide with his unique style of turntablism and video manipulation. Cheeba has produced a variety of celebrated projects including video mixes, movie re-scores, adverts, documentaries and commissioned projects for eveyone from Led Zeppelin to Aardman as well as the eclectic mixtapes that he’s best know for and have topped iTunes download charts. Now touring several different audio visual projects ranging from the cinema style ‘After School Special’ and ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’ to the dance floor club and festival shows like ‘Return To The Boom Bap’ and ‘Double Vision’. Known for his cut and paste style of turntablism, audiences can expect a high paced trip through styles made to make you dance, think and smile. More than just a DJ, Cheeba is a audio visual artist known for the broadest beats and blowing minds.

Little Tom is a mega-uncle, workshop leader, storyteller and front man for longstanding festival favourites Babyhead. Over the years he has gained a reputation for being a highly intuitive and engaging performer, much loved by grown ups and kids alike. Babyhead has taken him all over world from New York to India, Thailand to Malmesbury, yet Tom’s favourite shows are those he does with young people for his company Headsuphigh!. Headsuphigh! is the Babyhead’s arts education project which delivers workshops and infectious interactive live shows in educational settings. Little tom uses his 20 years experience of the international stage to engage the minds of the young through music in a bombastic style. Tom is currently leading workshops with the young and learning disabled community, Developing theatrical projects and studying the art of fooling.

Squeezy Green’s Compendium of Games


Wardrobe Theatre regulars, Squeezy Green and Finney Haddock present this two-show special of circus themed games to celebrate Bristol’s Circus City festival. The two hosts will take you through a series of games and challenges. Play from the safety of your seat or take the opportunity to go head to head against another challenger. Squeezy has run game shows before, but now the hosts are (knife) throwing their circus skills into the mix… Prepare for the unexpected! Squeezy promises to host a somersaulting big top of an afternoon with games you wouldn’t be allowed to play at home. So roll up roll up; thrills, spills and more fun than you could pack into a popcorn stand.

This special edition will be made by theatre makers and circus performers Gwendolyn Scott and Megan Brooks and will feature mystery guest local circus legends!!

“It was fun and I loved being able to clap like crazy.”
Audience member age 6

“Funny, interactive and spontaneous.”
Dad Audience Feedback

“That show was so good I held a wee wee in the whole time!”
Audience member aged 8

Ear Trumpet Folk Club: Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow (with Saskia Griffiths Moore)

Ear Trumpet Folk Club presents regular intimate, sit-down gigs with some of the greatest musicians from around the globe:

Kit Hawes and Aaron Catlow are a Bristol based duo playing acoustic, folk and roots music. Best known as the virtuoso guitar and fiddle players from the band Sheelanagig, they draw on their many influences to created unique arrangements of traditional music, as well as their own compositions. The live show is a musical journey through Europe, America and beyond; combining dazzling playing with a fine sense of musicality and showmanship.

Kit Hawes and Aaron Catlow’s debut album The Fox explores the relationship between fiddle, guitar and voice, using the fertile ground of the traditional music of the British Isles as its starting point. The product of decades of musical experience, the track listing combines self penned tunes and folk tales, all intricately arranged and heartfelt.

“Fleet fingered and ingeniously arranged… Deserve to be thought of as up there with the best of them.”

“Such dexterity, energy and passion… mightily impressive.”
R2 Magazine

“The pair demonstrate an eclectic approach that lifts them head and shoulders above the rest.”
Acoustic Magazine

“Never a dull moment, with imagination firing throughout and an abundance of creative energy.”
Living Tradition

Reservoir Cats

Ruthless, wise-cracking and overly affectionate around feeding time, meet notorious pussy posse, The Reservoir Cats – a ferocious feline foursome on their way to crash the annual Jellicle Ball, intent on stealing the big prize. But when this botched heist turns into a cruel bloodbath, paws and pistols are pointed: Who can be trusted? Did someone let the cat out of the bag? Is one of them a rat? With the fuzz closing in fast, who will survive to tell the tail – Mr Pink, Mr Blonde or The Magical Mr Mistoffelees?

Slick, smart and devilishly funny, Reservoir Cats is the 7th darkly comic Christmas show created by The Wardrobe Theatre, the makers of Rocky: A Horror Show, Goldilock, Stock & Three Smoking Bears and Muppits Die Hard. An ill-fated fusion of cultural opposites, the show is inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s iconic 1992 breakthrough crime thriller and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s beloved classic 1981 West End musical, blended to create something new, exciting and very, very funny.

“There are laughs aplenty, not the polite laughter of the theatre crowd but real genuine guffaws from an audience with a drink in hand and ready to have a good time.”
★★★★ The Reviews Hub on Rocky: A Horror Show

“A smash hit must-see… Fantastically entertaining.”
★★★★ The Fix on Rocky: A Horror Show

“Really fantastic characters, ingenious gags and wonderful references… hilarious and thoroughly entertaining.”
The Reviews Hub on Goldilock, Stock & Three Smoking Bears

“A zany alternative to the Christmas schmaltz, grab a drink and enjoy the action.”
★★★★ Whats On Stage on Muppits Die Hard

Closer Each Day: Back To Skool Special!

Join Closer Each Day Company and the beloved inhabitants of Newtown for a 2-hour special of the improvised soap opera as we discover what live was like at school for the community with bonus extra-curricular activities and some very special guests!

Was Fred a rebel or a teacher’s pet?
Has Reg always been so awkward?
And what was Big Dick like when he was just a Little Dick?
Find out at Closer Each Day’s Back To Skool special!

Closer Each Day’s last performance before the summer is a fundraiser to help take the company to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 where they will be performing the improvised soap opera; This Is Soap. It will be Closer Each Day Company’s first time at the festival and it’s a big chance to make the company known to the world beyond Bristol!

“Quick-witted, very watchable ensemble, razor-sharp in timing and delivery. ”
★★★★ Stage Talk

“So consistently gripping it’s incredible to think it’s created off the cuff.”
Visit Bristol

Performed at Bristol Grammar School’s 1532 Performing Arts Centre

Bristol Grammar School, Elton Road, Bristol, BS8 1SJ

Cliff Jumping For Beginners


The fools return as part of Circus City Festival to explore the theme of risk with a three day mini-festival of fooling where each show will be different.

We all have voices in our heads: people we’ve met, aspects of ourselves, bizarre and banal creatures cobbled from emotions and memories. Instead of wishing they’d shut up, the fools of Beyond The Ridiculous invite them out to play!

Expertly facilitated by Holly Stoppit, fresh from her three sold out shows, the fools will leap into the limitless possibilities of each moment. You may laugh, cry or stare dumbfounded and for once the voices in your head will discover they are not alone.

“Both incredibly funny and incredibly moving.”
The Huffington Post

The Snow Baby

Deep in the remote snowy forest an icy wind blows and snowflakes fall from the sky. Doris and her Bear Man live on the hill, alone but happy. Wrapped up in a snowy smother, they are in love. But when the snowstorm comes, Doris’ Bear Man disappears! How will Doris survive by herself in a forest plagued with nothing but bad weather and a cloud of hungry crows?

Soap Soup Theatre present The Snow Baby, a magical children’s theatre show with beautiful puppetry, imaginative storytelling and music that will give you goosebumps – a gentle show exploring family, love and loss, with lots of music, confetti and funny bits for the whole family to enjoy!

“A tender and enchanting children’s story, featuring a host of loveable characters.”
The Reviews Hub

“A very enjoyable and well-executed piece of theatre that charmed us all.”
Weston Super Mum on The Owl & The Pussycat’s Treasury of Nonsense

Suitable for ages 3-8 and their families

Performances at 11am only on 16th, 17th and 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th December
No shows on 18th, 25th, 26th December

The Phantom Of The Opera with Live Score by Minima

Minima specialise in live accompaniment to silent films. Their electrifying new score for The Phantom Of The Opera captures the horror of the story but also finds pathos, romance and humour. Drums, bass, guitar and cello strike up a thrilling relationship with the film, following the Phantom down into his subterranean nightmare world.

Press quotes from the film’s original 1925 release contest to its impact and drama: “Ultra fantastic melodrama” (New York Times); “Produced on a stupendous scale” (Moving Picture World); “Probably the greatest inducement to nightmare that has yet been screened” (Variety).

Beneath the sewers of the Paris Opera House dwells a masked figure. He is the Phantom, a hideously disfigured composer whose dream is to turn chorus singer Christine into a diva. Lon Chaney, the “Man of a Thousand Faces”, dominates this classic adaptation of the 1910 novel. His ghastly make-up and outrageous performance made this one of the great classics of American silent film.

Film critic Roger Ebert said in 2004 that “it has always been a question whether The Phantom Of The Opera is a great film, or only a great spectacle.” Either way, to see this film in 1925 was a truly shocking experience. Fast-moving and exciting, the film is a dramatic tale of obsession, kidnap, murder and revenge, beautifully tinted throughout and featuring an impressive sequence of early Technicolor as the Phantom appears at a masked ball.

“Minima are one of the leading bands accompanying silent film in Europe.”
Robert Rider, Head of Cinema, the Barbican Centre

“Minima’s spine-tingling music clung to each twist of the movie… spellbinding accompaniment.”

“A superbly sinister live score by the soundtrack group Minima.”
Financial Times

How I Came To Be Where I Never Was

Jonny Fluffypunk grew up in suburban nowhere. This is a story about trying to find yourself, when you find yourself somewhere you don’t belong. It’s about unrequited love, John Peel and the importance of a good record shop. It’s about trains and memory and letting go. This is a new lo-fi stand-up spoken word theatre show for anyone who has ever loved, owned a vinyl record or just been alive.

“Acute social observation, intricate humour, surreal fantasy, sharp irony and wit.”
The Independent

“Sublime… well-crafted, tender and life-affirming. Highly recommended.”

“This man truly relishes language. Go see him.”
Tony Allen (‘the godfather of alternative comedy’)

Jonny Fluffypunk is a writer and performer who has been dragging his art around the spoken word and alternative cabaret circuits for over 15 years. A regular at gigs and festivals across the country, he has previously toured his show Man Up, Jonny Fluffypunk: One Man’s Struggle With Late Onset Responsibility and has two volumes of writing out with Burning Eye Books. Produced in partnership with Strike A Light and supported by Bristol Old Vic Ferment.

Queen Cunt – Sacred or Profane?

“Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands,
Kill their children
Practice witchcraft
Destroy capitalism
And become lesbians”
Come and see us do all of this…and more!

Venus is about to collide with Earth! A multi-character explosion paints the stage.

In an age where passing trends compel some to surgical operation, where mainstream porn has hijacked sensuality, we delve into the wild waters of womanhood, reclaiming the body in a joyful, dark and often anarchic exploration. Fuck capitalism, fuck abusing mother nature, lets all get together and make sweet love! All power to the feminine, the wrathful, the sensual!

The quest of two comedic female performers to tell it how it has never been told before. Discovering what is left that really is sacred and feminine, and what exactly is profane?

Disclaimer: Gender binaries are dead, white feminism is dead, and if you think we hate men, you’re dead!

Cunt – a Proto-Indo-European root word meaning either woman, knowledge, creator or queen. Oldest word in the English language for female genitals & “The most heavily tabooed of all English words” (Rawson, 1989).

In the interest of inclusivity, parents and carers with young babies are welcome at their discretion.

Trigger Warning: This show explores issues surrounding consent, assault & pornography