Lisa Berg: The Love of Stationery | Ellen Waddell: Don’t Be Terrible

Lisa Berg: The Love of Stationery – 8pm

‘I collect bags of sugar from cafes and restaurants I’m in. I have a big collection. Often I forget that I’ve taken them with me home and somehow, if you apply time and pressure, they have the tendency to explode…’

A one-woman dark comedy exploring the innermost thoughts of “Woman” – a collector of common things. She works in a stationery shop. Orderly displays of writing materials, and collecting irregular verbs, are her keenest passions. But one day an attractive man walks in to buy an eraser… and it’s love at first sight. At least for her. Plans are devised to land this man, to make him hers. Her dreams are shattered though when he is spotted talking to Deanne… funnier, smarter and more beautiful than Woman. Deanne cannot win. She cannot. Looks like Woman has some erasing of her own to do… A show that leaves us rooting for the underdog, while vowing to buy our stationery online in future….

“A wonderfully subtle one-woman performance.”
★★★★ FestMag

Ellen Waddell: Don’t Be Terrible – 9.30pm

Can stand up save your love life?

Self-confessed nice guy Steve thinks so. That’s why he’s asked Alice, an up and coming comedian, how to perform stand up. It’s his last-ditch attempt to distract his girlfriend from the ‘funny’ guy at work. However, the recently dumped Alice has her own prickly views on monogamy, performing and his motivations.

A platonic friendship comedy (because spoiler alert, they don’t get together at the end) about love, making people laugh and how to fail successfully on stage.

Closer Each Day onboard Brunel’s SS Great Britain

Performed at Brunel’s SS Great Britain NOT The Wardrobe Theatre

Tickets include a chance to walk around Brunel’s SS Great Britain from 6.30pm

Sunday 20th May
Join Closer Each Day Company for a fully spontaneous night of comedy! The first half will be games in the style of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ and the second half will be a live-action story made up on the spot from audience suggestions.

Monday 21st May
Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera is returning for a May special on the ship, with a one-off stand-alone story seeing the characters of Newtown as they have never been seen before. Hilarious, inventive and entirely unique, come and see a landmark Bristol show perform on a Bristol landmark!

“Quick-witted, very watchable ensemble, razor-sharp in timing and delivery. ”
★★★★ Stage Talk

“Funny, inventive, fast-paced and sparkling. Loved it!”
David Lloyd, BBC Screenwriter (Doctors, Eastenders)

“So consistently gripping it’s incredible to think it’s created off the cuff.”
Visit Bristol

Murder, She Didn’t Write

Degrees Of Error present a classic murder mystery that is created on the spot in this ingenious and hilarious show from Bristol Improv Theatre’s resident company.

YOU become Agatha Christie in this improvised comedy as each night an original murder mystery play is created based entirely on audience suggestions. So take up your magnifying glasses and don your deerstalkers for never-seen-before (and never-to-be-seen-again) evening of murder, mayhem and making it up on the spot.

Miss Crimson poisoned in the parlour? Mr Gold exploded by cannon in Sainsbury’s? You decide! But will you guess whodunit?

“Absolutely fantastic… incredibly clever… laugh out loud funny… a truly entertaining and hilarious take on the murder mystery and absolutely not one to miss.”
★★★★★ Voice Magazine

“Had me howling with laughter… mesmerizingly impressive.”
★★★★ Arthur’s Seat

“This show is everything a fringe comedy should be: original, professional, and very, very funny.”
★★★★ EdFringe Review

“Live action Cluedo, with more laughs.”
★★★★ Fringe Guru

Much Ado About Puffin

On a small island,
In the middle of the big sea,
A man meets a bird…

Using skilful puppetry, beautiful music, and good old fashioned storytelling, Much Ado About Puffin is about old habits, new friendships, and stepping out into the unknown!

“A story of beauty, laughter and love that transcends language and age barriers.”
Made In Plymouth

“Gentle and thoughtful piece with a lot of integrity, which didn’t patronise its audience or play to the gallery. I particularly liked the design and the music, both real strengths, and the puppets were charming.”
Jude Merrill MBE, Travelling Light

“Open Attic Company have created something quite wonderful.”
Chris Pirie, Green Ginger

Rex The King

A blind man walks into a village pub and tells anyone who’ll listen that he was once the king of darts. An adaptation of the Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex reimagined in the world of pub darts and disco featuring live music, flying arrows and a portable dartboard. Rex The King is the story of a Somerset darts champion who ruled the world, but lost it all. It’s a theatrical tale that’s witty, uplifting and ludicrously tragic: expect blood and sweat, tears and beers, not to mention plenty of songs and silliness.

“A monumental theme encased in beer and pub camaraderie, encapsulating all human emotions in a musical, magical, hugely entertaining whole.”
The Fine Times Recorder

“Three versatile, talented performers reveal a world of driving ambition, cut-throat competition, and over-weening hubris with its inevitable downfall, using live music, dry wit, local references and popular culture.”
Remote Goat

“Wassail have scored an impressive 180…the play is engaging, engrossing and enthralling.”
Somerset County Gazette

Wassail Theatre unites communities through stories that inspire them by giving people unexpected, surprising and positive experiences of theatre. Wassail is based in Somerset and exists through a network of associate artists from across the UK interested in bringing new audiences and new ideas together.


A young boy waits for the birth of his new baby sister, his excitement bubbling over at the thought of a new playmate to race and chase with. He can’t wait to tell her all about the swifts which nest not far from the top window of their pointy house. It’s nearly time, she’s nearly here…

The touching story of a boy meeting his disabled sister for the first time, with stunning puppetry, original live music, animation and physical theatre from the award-winning Tessa Bide. An imaginative retelling of the book by Nicola Davies and Cathy Fisher, opening up the subject of disability for young audiences. Perfect is a remarkable story of anticipation and disappointment, acceptance and love, and the power of nature in all our lives.

“A very special show not to be missed.”
Primary Times on A Strange New Space

“Tessa Bide has a rare talent for accessing the inner vision of a child in such a natural way.”
Manchester’s Finest

“Tessa Bide understands children in a way that can’t be taught.”
Children’s Theatre Reviews

“The perfect example of a show where the adults are just as enthralled as the kids.”
★★★★ A Younger Theatre on The Tap Dancing Mermaid

Dance Of The Violin

PLAYSHOP: 11am-11.45am | 2pm-2.45pm
SHOW: 12pm | 3pm

Once there was a boy called Joshua who loved making a noise, who loved making sounds and his parents would say “Joshua that’s good but could you do something else now please?” Then one day his parents started to hear music and they said “Joshua that’s really good could you play some more please?” And when they saw how much he loved playing the elastic band they bought him a violin!

When Joshua first played the violin a star appeared over his head and he imagined stories of spinning dancers, ferocious bears and ships lost at sea. Then one day Joshua returned home from school very excited… “I need to go to Kalamazoo! Kalama-who? Kalamazoo! There’s a music competition and the winner gets to play with a whole orchestra! Will Joshua make it to Kalamazoo and how will he get on?

Storyteller Michael Loader (trumpet) and multi instrumentalist Martin Solomon (violin, accordion and harp) of Wild Words return to The Wardrobe Theatre (last seen in Glorious Greeks and Beethoven’s 4 Seasons) to tell the true story of a boy who wasn’t frightened of asking for another chance…

Kathy Stinson’s book for families is brought to life in words and music by Wild Words who have built up a reputation for original and innovative storytelling and live music events for families during their seven years of residency at the renowned St George’s in Bristol as well as a host of venues in the south west and further afield, including The Egg in Bath, Wiltshire Music Centre and Birmingham Symphony Hall family events.

Join Michael and Martin for a pre show Playshop of Noise, Sound and Music Making then step on stage for our Bristol’s Got Talent song, dance and music show!

“Thank you once again for such a wonderful event! We were so pleased with the children’s engagement which was, in no small way down to your enthusiasm.”
The Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Said And Done

Two women sit at a table at a wedding. They hate everyone here. They hate themselves. And, although they are the very best of friends, they probably hate each other.

When you know everything about a person’s life it’s easy to find ammunition to use against them, but sometimes teasing gets too much and insults go too far… Darkly comic with snippets of original music and dollops of cheesy pop, Said And Done is a snapshot into the lives of two women who are far too close.

After a sell-out run at The Wardrobe Theatre in 2017, Sugarscratch spent their spring taking Said and Done on a regional tour to find new audiences and now they are back and excited to head to Edinburgh Fringe 2018! Sugarscratch Theatre is an up and coming Bristol-based company made up of Lily London and Alice Ritchie. They first got the chance to work together during the second year of Bristol Old Vic’s Made In Bristol programme. And now they’ve joined forces again. Said and Done – their debut show – sprouted from an image in Alice’s head of a woman dancing alone to Cher.

“Their observational humour is spot on.”
Weston Super Mum

“Grotesque, physical and hilarious insight into female friendship.”
Audience Feedback

Glorious Greeks

PLAYSHOP: 11am-11.45am | 2pm-2.45pm
SHOW: 12pm | 3pm

An awesome adventure of myth and modernity inspired by Ancient Greek classic, The Odyssey. Outwit greedy monsters, escape the savage cyclops, survive the sweet-singing siren sisters (played by the dolls of Barbie) and overcome the sucking and spewing whirlpool to save the day with the cleverest Greek hero of all time — Odysseus (he of wooden horse fame). A Pandora’s Box of storytelling, theatre, song and buffoonery, puppets, props and participation, told by Oddy the great great great (etc) grandson of Odysseus.

Come to the pre show Playshop to make a monster puppet and help create our own brand new Odyssean adventure!

“Rude, witty, gory and silly with a big dollop of artistic licence, the epic tales of Odysseus have never been so alive and kicking!”
St George’s Bristol

“We were all captivated; you have a wonderful way of making everyone feel at ease and getting everyone to be part of the story.”
Highdown Primary School

“Thank you again for such a great show. The children adored it and I think the adults learnt a lot more about Greek mythology!”
Bridport Literary Festival

Performed by Michael Loader who has mixed feelings towards the Ancient Greek classics ever since he played Jason, of the Golden Fleece at junior school with plastic sword and plumed helmet (good news!) but had to kiss Carol Reed who played Medea his wife! (NOT so good!)

One Man & His Cow

Trevor loves Judy. Judy loves Trevor. They’re best mates. Trouble is, Trevor’s family don’t approve. They think that Trevor should leave his prize cow alone and get on with looking after his farm. And then Trevor gets some bad news…

Written and performed in rhyme and song the acclaimed Living Spit (makers of The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Adolf & Winston, In Cider Story, The Devil & The Shopkeeper), and with a multitude of agricultural cliches and farmyard frolics, One Man & His Cow is a brand new comedy coming soon to a pub or bar near you.

Written and performed by Howard Coggins and Stu Mcloughlin
Directed by Craig Edwards

“This is a feel good, clever and uplifting comedy and the joyful sprit of this work will appeal to a wide audience.”
★★★★ Bristol Post

“With lots of daft dialogue, silly songs and audience participation, the evening is definitely one to treasure…an unmissable piece of theatre in the finest tradition of slapstick comedy.”
Bournemouth Echo

“World-class actors at the top of their game.”